Fabricating nanogaps between nanoelectrodes using dielectrophoresis technique for molecular fluorescence enhancement
发布时间:2016年07月12日        点击数量:303

Qiushi Meng, Hongbing Cai, Ke Lin, Sane Zhu, Yuan Liao, Yang Zhang*, Xiaoping Wang and Zhenchao Dong*

The fabrication of nanogaps between metallic nanoelectrodes plays a key role in realizing electrically driven photon sources. In this paper, we fabricate nanogaps down to the molecular scale by positioning single protein-coated coreshell nanoparticles between fluorophore-functionalized metallic nanoelectrodes using dielectrophoresis techniques and achieve enhanced molecular fluorescence from the fluorophores confined in the nanogaps. These results pave the way for realizing electrically driven molecular fluorescence based on nanogaps and provide useful information for the development of optoelectronic nanodevices.