Tunneling electron induced fluorescence from single porphyrin molecules decoupled by striped-phase octanethiol self-assembled monolayer
发布时间:2016年06月07日        点击数量:273

Yan-Min Kuang, Yun-Jie Yu, Yang Luo, Jia-Zhe Zhu, Yuan Liao, Yang Zhang*, Zhen-Chao Dong*

The generation and control of intrinsic single-molecule electroluminescence near metal surfaces is a key issue in nano-optics and plasmonics. In this paper, we use scanning tunneling microscope induced luminescence technique to realize the electroluminescence from single porphyrin molecules decoupled by self-assembled monolayer of octanethiol. These results provide useful information on the electroluminescence behavior of single porphyrins and the development of  electrically driven nano-emitters.