Observation of Interference Effects in (e, 2e) Electron Momentum Spectroscopy of SF6
发布时间:2015年11月18日        点击数量:146

Min-fu Zhao, Xu Shan, Jing Yang, En-liang Wang, Shan-shan Niu, Xiang-jun Chen

Particle-wave duality of matter particles, which plays a key role in quantum mechanics, can be directly illustrated by the double-slit interference experiments. In the present work, we report a multi-slit interference experiment on SF<sub>6</sub> at the molecular scale. The multicenter interference patterns are clearly observed in the ratios of the electron momentum profiles of molecular orbitals to that of atomic F 2p orbital. It shows that electron momentum spectroscopy (EMS) is a feasible tool to directly investigate the interference effect even for the complicated species.