How to submit a comment

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The email sent to the reviewer contains the username, the password of the reviewer and the login URL. Click on the URL or copy and paste it into the web browser, then enter the username and the password, the reviewer will login to the online system of our journal.

After login, , there are a few instructions listed  on the right side of the page; on the left side there is a menu for handling the reviewing.

Clicking on "Pending papers" shows the manuscript(s) which is quested for reviewing.

The reviewer can download the paper by click on the title, and submit the comments by click on "Submit recommendation". After Clicking on "Submit recommendation", a new web page will appear.

On this page, you will see a electronic version of the expertise form. The form includes a free-text area to enter any specific comments you have, and select form for detailed evaluation. You may also upload a word processing or PDF document containing your review comments. Finally, you may enter the recommendation of this manuscript for the editor.

When the form is complete, click "Submit " save it online.

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