General Guide

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Reviewers could login our system to make comments on the manuscript.

1. Usually the reviewer who is requested for reviewing will receive a email containing the title and the keywords of the manuscript, the username and the password of the reviewer, the request date and the due date that the comment should return.

2. The reviewer also will be asked to fill a receipt to inform the editorial office whether intend to review this manuscript. Click the URL contained in the email to fill the reviewer’s receipt. The URL for login is in the email too. More particular instructions may be found HERE.

3. Reviewer should be objective while judging the quality of the manuscript, and comment on it should cover its experimental and theoretical work, its interpretations and explanation and conclusion, and also its literary standards.

4. The manuscript sent for reviewing should be treated confidencial, Reviewer should not leak out any unpublished information obtained in the manuscript, except with the consent of the author , or in special cases that the Reviewer need to discuss or consult to other experts.

5. If the reviewer is not familiar with the way of submitting comments online, he/she may reply to the email and ask the Editorial office to send him/her a hard drive version and a Expertise form. After the reviewer finish the reviewing, he/she can send them back via Email.

6. Reviewer should submit the Reviewer's Report in time. If it will be any delay, please notify the editor.

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