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Two-Photon Dissociation Dynamics of Hydroxyl Radical
  Ge Sun, Xian-feng Zheng, Yuan Qin, Yu Song, Jingsong Zhang, Jose Martin Amero and Gabriel J. Vázquez
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Crossed Beam Experiment on the Validity of Born-Oppenheimer Approximation in Cl(2P)+D2→DCl+D Reaction
  Yu-run Xie, Yu-feng Wang, Wei Wang, Tao Wang, Dong-xu Dai, Chun-lei Xiao* and Xue-ming Yang*
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Application of Laser Dispersion Method in Apparatus Combining H Atom Rydberg Tagging Time-of-Flight Technique with Vacuum Ultraviolet Free Electron Laser
  Yao Chang, Zhi-gang He, Zi-jie Luo, Jia-mi Zhou, Zhi-guo Zhang*, Zhi-chao Chen, Jia-yue Yang, Yong Yu, Qin-ming Li, Li Che, Guo-rong Wu, Xing-an Wang, Xue-ming Yang and Kai-jun Yuan*
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Kinetics Study on Reaction between Dihydroartemisinic Acid and Singlet Oxygen: An Essential Step to Photochemical Synthesis of Artemisinin
  Xian-wang Zhang, Xuan Zhao, Kun-hui Liu* and Hong-mei Su*
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O2-Oxidation of Cyanomethylene Radical: Infrared Identi cation of Criegee Intermediates syn- and anti-NCC(H)OO
  Bo Lu, Yuan-yuan Qin, Chao Song, Wei-yu Qian, Li-na Wang and Xiao-qing Zeng*
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Infrared Spectroscopy of CO2 Transformation by Group III Metal Monoxide Cations
  Dong Yang, Ming-zhi Su, Hui-jun Zheng, Zhi Zhao, Xiang-tao Kong, Gang Li, Hua Xie, Wei-qing Zhang, Hong-jun Fan* and Ling Jiang*
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Photodissociation Dynamics of OCS Near 128 nm: S(3PJ=2,1,0), S(1D2) and S(1S0) Channels
  Si-wen Wang, Dao-fu Yuan, Wen-tao Chen, Ling Tang, Sheng-rui Yu, Xue-ming Yang and Xing-an Wang*
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A Quantum Wavepacket Study of State-to-State Photodissociation Dynamics of HOBr/DOBr
  Liang Zhang and Bin Jiang*
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Free Energy Level Correction by Monte Carlo Resampling with Weighted Histogram Analysis Method
  Seyoung Chung, Sun Mi Choi, Wook Lee, Kwang Hyun Cho and Young Min Rhee*
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Dynamics Studies of Diglycine Scattering from Highly Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite
  Lin-sen Zhou*, Ying-qi Wang and Hua Guo*
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Reaction Mechanism and Product Branching Ratios of OH+C2H3F Reaction: A Theoretical Study
  Chih-Hao Chin*, Tong Zhu* and John Zeng-Hui Zhang
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F(H2O)+CH3I Ligand Exchange Reaction Dynamics
  Bj?rn Bastian, Tim Michaelsen, Milan On?ák, Jennifer Meyer and Roland Wester*
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Differential Cross Sections and Collision-Induced Rotational Alignment in Inelastic Scattering of NO(X) by Xe
  Mark Brouard*, Helen Chadwick, Sean D. S. Gordon, Cornelia G. Heid, Balazs Hornung, Bethan Nichols, Jacek K?os, Pablo G. Jambrina and F. Javier Aoiz
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Kinetics of the Simplest Criegee Intermediate CH2OO Reacting with CF3CF=CF2
  Yang Chen, Xiao-hu Zhou, Yi-qiang Liu, Yu-qi Jin, Wen-rui Dong* and Xue-ming Yang*
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Imaging Reaction Dynamics of Y+SO2
  Dong Yan, Yu-jie Ma, Fang-fang Li, Jia-xing Liu, Guan-jun Wang and Feng-yan Wang*
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Conversion of CO2 by non-Thermal Inductively-Coupled Plasma Catalysis
  Edwin Devid*, Maria Ronda-Lloret, Qiang Huang, Gadi Rothenberg, N. Raveendran Shiju and Aart Kleyn*
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Carrier Recombination of Organic-Inorganic 3D Halide Perovskite Single Crystals
  Chao He, Xia Li, Yu-hao Wu, Hai-Lung Dai, Dong-feng Zhao* and Yang Chen*
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High-Accurate Transparent Boundary Conditions for Time-Dependent Quantum Wave Packet Method
  Yin Huang, Hai-lin Zhao, Syed Kazim Usman, Ganiyu Ayodele Ajibade and Zhi-gang Sun*
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