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Energy Transfer and Electron Transfer in Composite System of Carbon Quantum Dots/Rhodamine B Molecules
  Kang Wei, Lei Zhang, Shen-long Jiang and Qun Zhang*
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Effect of Sulfate Adlayer on Formic Acid Oxidation on Pd(111) Electrode
  Jing Lei, Zhen Wei, Mian-le Xu, Jie Wei, Yan-xia Chen* and Shen Ye
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Temperature-Dependent Formation of Redox Sites in Molybdenum Trioxide Studied by Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
  Tian Tan, Ming Chen, Ji-Hu Su* and Jiang-Feng Du*
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Optical Spectroscopy of Pr3+ Ion Singly Doped LiLuF4 Single Crystal by Bridgman Method
  Li-zhi Fang, Xiong Zhou, Hai-ping Xia*, Jian-xu Hu, Jian-li Zhang and Bao-jiu Chen
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Ab Initio Calculation on Spectroscopic Properties and Radiative Lifetimes of Low-Lying Excited States of NaK
  Shi-yang Zhang, Feng Xie, Feng-dong Jia, Xiao-kang Li, Ru-quan Wang, Rui Li, Yong Wu* and Zhi-ping Zhong*
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Computational Study on Interactions between CO2 and (TiO2)n Clusters at Specific Sites
  Hitler Louis, Ling-ju Guo*, Shuang Zhu, Sajjad Hussain and Tao He*
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Density Functional Theory and Electrochemistry Studies on LiFexMn1-xPO4 Solid Solutions
  Kang-ping Wang, Tao-tao Shen, Dong-ming Chen* and Wen-lou Wang*
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Influence of Neighboring Layers on Interfacial Energy of Adjacent Layers
  Lei-lei Li and Shuo Feng*
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Iterative Multireference Con guration Interaction
  Wen-yan Zhang and Fei-wu Chen*
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Dark Color ZnO Quasi-One-Dimensional Nanostructures Grown by Hydrothermal Method and Modulation of their Optical Properties
  Hao Chen, Na Dong, Kai Wang, Yi Yao and Faqiang Xu*
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Direct Z-scheme CdS-CdS Nanorod Arrays Photoanode: Synthesis, Characterization and Photoelectrochemical Performance
  Yi Fan, Zhi-min Song, Jing-jing Dong, Zhi-yu Wang, Yue Yang, Xiao-di Zhu, Song Sun, Chen Gao* and Jun Bao*
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Bio-syngas Converting to Liquid Fuels over Co Modified Fe3O4-MnO2 Catalysts
  Jie Wang, Ying Xiang, Yi-yuan Ding, Yan-fei Xu, Xiang-hui Kong, Guang-yuan Ma, Chanatip Samart and Ming-yue Ding*
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Redox Controllable Switch of Crystalline Phase and Physical Property in SrVOx Epitaxial Films
  Xue-jiao Gu, Zhen-lin Luo*, Yong-qi Dong, Jing-tian Zhou, Han Xu, Bin Hong and Chen Gao*
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Metal-Organic Frameworks Derived Ag-CoSO4 Nanohybrids as Efficient Electrocatalyst for Oxygen Evolution Reaction
  Meng-si Li, Zhi-yu Lin and Qian-wang Chen*
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Near-Field Scattering Enhancement of Perylene Based Aggregates for Random Lasing
  Zhen-zhen Zhang, Lei-cheng Yin, Xiao-long Xu, Jiang-ying Xia, Kang Xie, Gang Zou, Xiao-juan Zhang, Zhi-jia Hu* and Qi-jin Zhang*
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Selective Oxidation of Aldehyde over Hydroxymethyl Group Catalyzed by Gold Nanoparticles in Aqueous Phase
  Han-bao Chong, Gui-qi Gao and Guang Li*
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Near Ambient Pressure Adsorption of Nickel Carbonyl Contaminated CO on Cu(111) Surface
  Rui Wang, Ding Ding, Wei Wei and Yi Cui*
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Effect of Sample Temperature on Radiation Characteristics of Nanosecond Laser-Induced Soil Plasma
  Li Wang*, Yu Zhou, Yuan-xia Fu, Li Xu, Hao Gong and Rong-long Cheng
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