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van der Waals Interactions in Bimolecular Reactions
  Jian-wei Ca, Feng-yi Li, Wen-sha Xia and Wen-sheng Bian*
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Influence of Thermal Radiation on Hot Cluster Decay Rates and Abundances
  Klavs Hansen* and P.Ferrari
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UV-Polarizing Linear Polyyne Molecules Aligned in PVA
  R.Sata, H.Suzuki, N.Ueno, Y.Morisawa, M.Hatanaka and T.Wakabayashi*
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Structure of the Ligated Ag60 Nanoparticle [{Cl@Ag12}@Ag48(dppm)12] (where dppm=bis(diphenylphosphino)methane)
  Athanasios Zavras, Antonija Mravak, Margarita Bu?an?i?, Jonathan M. White*, Vlasta Bona?i?-Koutecky and Richard A. J. O'Hair*
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Measurement of Electron Affinity of Atomic Lutetium via the Cryo-SEVI Method
  Xiao-xi Fu, Ru-lin Tang, Yu-zhu Lu and Chuan-gang Ning*
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Structures of Stoichiometric Sodium Oxide Cluster Cations Studied by Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry
  Motoyoshi Nakano, Yudai Ishimura, Riki Hotta, Daiki Hebiguchi, Toshiaki Nagata and Fuminori Misaizu*
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Gas-Phase Deposited Plasmonic Nanoparticles Supported on 3D-Graphene/Nickel Foam for Highly SERS Detection
  Peng Mao*, Qiang Chen*, Guang-hou Wang and Min Han
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CO Oxidation by Neutral Gold-Vanadium Oxide Clusters
  Shu-hua Ou, Jiao-jiao Chen, Xiao-na Li*, Li-na Wang, Tong-mei Ma* and Sheng-gui He*
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Response Characteristics of Strain Sensors Based on Closely Spaced Nanocluster Films with Controlled Coverage
  Fei Liu*, Wei Shao, Gan Xu and Ling Yuan
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Palladium-Carbon Composite Nanoparticle Films with Enhanced Electrocatalytic Activity for Hydrogen Peroxide Sensors
  Yun-hua Chen, Wei-feng Luo, Ji-an Chen and Jue Wang*
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Infrared Photodissociation Spectroscopic and Theoretical Study of [Co(CO2)n]+ Clusters
  Dong Yang, Ming-zhi Su, Hui-jun Zheng, Zhi Zhao, Gang Li, Xiang-tao Kong, Hua Xie, Hong-jun Fan, Wei-qing Zhang and Ling Jiang*
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Structural Evolution and Electronic Properties of Au2Gen-/0 (n=1-8) Clusters: Anion Photoelectron Spectroscopy and Theoretical Calculations
  Sheng-Jie Lu*, Umar Farooq, Hong-Guang Xu, Xi-Ling Xu and Wei-Jun Zheng*
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Probing the Electronic Structure of the CoB16- Drum Complex: Unusual Oxidation State of Co-1
  Wan-Lu Li, Teng-Teng Chen, Zhi-Yu Jiang, Wei-Jia Chen, Han-Shi Hu, Lai-Sheng Wang* and Jun Li*
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Well Dispersed SnO2 Nanoclusters Preparation and Modulation of Metal-Insulator Transition Induced by Ionic Liquid
  Zhong-hu Liu, Xing Chen, Yi-yu Zhu, Si-han Zhao, Zhi-qiang Wang, Feng Wang, Qiang-qiang Meng, Lei Zhu, Qin-fang Zhang, Bao-lin Wang and Le-le Fan*
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Composition Dependent Magnetic Coupling in Fe-Cr Alloy Cluster Arrays
  Zhong-qi Xu*, Chang Liu, Wei-feng Luo, Fei Liu and Min Han
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Dissociative Photoionization of Heterocyclic Molecule-Morpholine under VUV Synchrotron Radiation
  Wen-tao Song, Yong-jun Hu*, Shan Jin and Yu-jian Li
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First-Principles Study of Ultrathin Molybdenum Sul des Nanowires: Electronic and Catalytic Hydrogen Evolution Properties
  Xiao-ting Li, Yang-yang Wan and Xiao-jun Wu*
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Investigation of Intrachain Exciton Diffusion of MEH-PPV in Solution with Different Polarity
  Xue-cong Li*, Qi-lin Yuan, Fang Zhang and Han-zhuang Zhang
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