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  Hongfei Wang and Jingsong Zhang
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The Leadership and Contribution of Professor Shu-qin Yu
  Hong-fei Wang and Xue-ming Yang
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Quantitative Analysis of the Reduction Kinetics of a Pt(Ⅱ) Precursor in the Context of Pt Nanocrystal Synthesis
  Shan Zhou, Tung-Han Yang, Ming Zhao and Younan Xia*
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Chemical Physics in Living Cells-using Light to Visualize and Control Intracellular Signal Transduction
  Vishnu V. Krishnamurthy and Kai Zhang*
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Recent Advances in Multifunctional Capsule Catalysts in Heterogeneous Catalysis
  Xin-hua Gao, Qing-xiang Ma, Tian-sheng Zhao, Jun Bao and Noritatsu Tsubaki*
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Clustering Algorithms to Analyze Molecular Dynamics Simulation Trajectories for Complex Chemical and Biological Systems
  Jun-hui Peng, Wei Wang, Ye-qing Yu, Han-lin Gu and Xuhui Huang*
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Optimal Initialization of a Quantum System for an Efficient Coherent Energy Transfer
  Zhi-hao Gong, Zhou-fei Tang, Jian-shu Cao and Jianlan Wu*
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Intraparticle Charge Delocalization through Conjugated Metal-Ligand Interfacial Bonds: Effects of Metal d Electrons
  Yi Peng, Eduardo Y. Hirata, Wanzhang Pan, Limei Chen, Jia En Lu and Shaowei Chen*
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Ultraviolet Photodissociation Dynamics of 1-Pentyl Radical
  Ge Sun, Yu Song and Jingsong Zhang*
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Accurate Calculation of Equilibrium Reduced Density Matrix for the System-Bath Model: a Multilayer Multiconfiguration Time-Dependent Hartree Approach and its Comparison to a Multi-Electronic-State Path Integral Molecular Dynamics Approach
  Haobin Wang*, Xinzijian Liu and Jian Liu*
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H2 Dissociation by Au1-Doped Closed-Shell Titanium Oxide Cluster Anions
  Li-xue Jiang, Xiao-na Li*, Zi-yu Li, Hai-fang Li and Sheng-gui He*
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Magnetic-Bottle and Velocity-Map Imaging Photoelectron Spectroscopy of APS- (A=C14H10 or Anthracene): Electron Structure, Spin-Orbit Coupling of APS·, and Dipole-Bound State of APS-
  Qin-qin Yuan, Zheng Yang, Ren-zhong Li, Wesley J. Transue, Zhi-peng Li, Ling Jiang, Niranjan Govind, Christopher C. Cummins* and Xue-Bin Wang*
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High-order Harmonic Generation of Aligned Acetylene in Elliptically Polarized Strong Laser Fields
  Hong-jing Liang, Qiao-xia Wang, Xin Fan, Li-yu Shan, Shuang Feng, Bing Yan, Ri Ma* and Hai-feng Xu*
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Ester-Derivatized Indoles as Fluorescent and Infrared Probes for Hydration Environments
  Xin-yue Huang, Min You, Guang-liu Ran, Hao-ran Fan and Wen-kai Zhang*
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Theoretical Study of Adsorption and Dehydrogenation of C2H4 on Cu(410)
  Yangyunli Sun, Shuo Zhang, Wen-hua Zhang* and Zhen-yu Li*
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Femtosecond Stimulated Raman Line Shapes: Dependence on Resonance Conditions of Pump and Probe Pulses
  Cheng Chen, Liang-dong Zhu and Chong Fang*
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Quantum Chemical Study of Potential Energy Surface in the Formation of Atmospheric Sulfuric Acid
  Emily L. Tao, Jessica Y. Li, Samantha Soriano and Fu-Ming Tao*
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Quantum Entanglement of Parallel-Coupled Double Quantum Dots: a Theoretical Study Using the Hierarchical Equations of Motion Approach
  Hong Gong, Arif Ullah, LvZhou Ye, Xiao Zheng* and YiJing Yan
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Tailoring Oxygen Vacancy on Co3O4 Nanosheets with High Surface Area for Oxygen Evolution Reaction
  Gong Zhang and Jing-hong Li*
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Real-Time Observation of Protein Transport across Membranes by Femtosecond Sum Frequency Generation Vibrational Spectroscopy
  Junjun Tan, Chuanzhao Li, Jiahui Zhang and Shuji Ye*
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Biomedical X-ray Imaging Enabled by Carbon Nanotube X-ray Sources
  Guohua Cao*
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Exploring the Low-Temperature Oxidation Chemistry of Cyclohexane in a Jet-Stirred Reactor: an Experimental and Kinetic Modeling Study
  Jia-biao Zou, Wei Li, Li-li Ye, Xiao-yuan Zhang, Yu-yang Li*, Jiu-zhong Yang and Fei Qi*
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Photoinduced Decomposition of Formaldehyde on Rutile TiO2(100)-(1×1)
  Xiao Chen, Fang-liang Li, Qing Guo*, Dong-xu Dai and Xue-ming Yang*
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Au10(TBBT)10: the Begining and the End of Aun(TBBT)m Nanoclusters
  Chen-jie Zeng, Meng Zhou, Chakicherla Gayathri, Roberto R. Gil, Matthew Y. Sfeir and Rongchao Jin*
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Ultraviolet Photodissociation Dynamics of m-Bromofluorobenzene at around 240 nm
  Min Chen, Hao Liang, Chao He, Dong-feng Zhao* and Yang Chen*
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Rotational Mechanism of Ammonium Ion in Water and Methanol
  Qiang Zhang*, Yang Du, Chen Chen and Wei Zhuang*
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Exact Generator and its High Order Expansions in Time-Convolutionless Generalized Master Equation: Applications to Spin-Boson Model and Exictation Energy Transfer
  Yan-ying Liu, Ya-ming Yan, Meng Xu, Kai Song and Qiang Shi*
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Mode-Coupling Theory for Glass Transition of Active-Passive Binary Mixture
  Meng-kai Feng and Zhong-huai Hou*
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Average Arrival Time: an Alternative Approach for Studying Fluorescent Behavior of Single Quantum Dots
  Yong-lei Sun and Jing Zhao*
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Inverted Solvatochromic Stokes Shift in GFP-like Chromophores with Extended Conjugation
  Hang Hu, Charles H. Wolstenholme, Xin Zhang* and Xiaosong Li*
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A Hierarchical-Equation-of-Motion Based Semiclassical Approach to Quantum Dissipation
  Rui-xue Xu*, Xue-cheng Tao, Yao Wang, Yang Liu, Hou-dao Zhang and YiJing Yan
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