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Detection of Electronic Coherence via Two-Dimensional Electronic Spectroscopy in Condensed Phase
  Yu-xiang Weng*
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Quantum Dynamics of Oxyhydrogen Complex-Forming Reactions for the HO2 and HO3 Systems
  Jun-xiang Zuo, Xi-xi Hu* and Dai-qian Xie*
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Highly Sensitive Silver Nanorod Arrays for Rapid Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering Detection of Acetamiprid Pesticides
  Cai-qin Han*, Yue Yao, Wen Wang, Liu-qian Tao, Wen-xin Zhang, Whitney Marvella Ingram, Kang-zhen Tian, Ying Liu, Ai-xia Lu, Ying Wu, Chang-chun Yan, Lu-Lu Qu* and Hai-tao Li
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Micellar Exchange Kinetics of Quaternary Ammonium Type Gemini Surfactants Monitored by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
  Jun Liu, You-ru Du, Shi-zhen Mao* and Mai-li Liu*
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Mechanistic Insights into the Fluorescence Quenching of Rhodamine 6G by Graphene Oxide
  Lu Chen, Lei Zhang, Shen-long Jiang and Qun Zhang*
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First Principles Probing of Photo-Generated Intermolecular Charge Transfer State in Conjugated Oligomers
  Ding-hao Hong, Li Chen, Qing-gang Kong and Hui Cao*
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Combination Effect of Cation Vacancies and O2 Adsorption on Ferromagnetism of Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3(100) Surface: ab initio Study
  Lin Ju, Ying Dai, Tong-shuai Xu, Yong-jia Zhang and Li Sun*
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Hydrogen Promoted Decomposition of Ammonium Dinitramide: an ab initio Molecular Dynamics Study
  Ling-hua Tan*, Jian-hua Xu, Lei Shi, Xu-ran Xu, Gui-xiang Wang and Wei Jiang
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Effects of Praseodymium Doping on Conductivity and Oxygen Permeability of Cobalt-Free Perovskite-Type Oxide BaFeO3-δ
  Bang-zheng Wei, Yu Wang, Meng Liu, Chen-xi Xu and Ji-gui Cheng*
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Study of Cadmium-Doped Zinc Oxide Nanocrystals with Composition and Size Dependent Band Gaps
  Hai-xiao Zhang, Yue-tao Yang* and Xiao-jun Liu
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Glucose Isomerization into Fructose Catalyzed by MgO/NaY Catalyst
  Bing Li, Lu-wei Li, Ying-nan Dong, Qing Zhang*, Wei-zheng Weng and Hui-lin Wan
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Analysis of Solvent Effect on Mechanical Properties of Poly(ether ether ketone) Using Nano-indentation
  Tanveer Iqbal*, Saima Yasin, Ahmad Shakeel, Hamayoun Mahmood, Fahad Nazir and Paul F. Luckham
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Investigation on Preparation and Anti-icing Performance of Superhydrophobic Surface on Aluminum Conductor
  Hai-yun Jin*, Shi-chao Nie, Zhi-wei Li, Cheng Tong and Ke-jing Wang
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Selective Synthesis of Different-Sized Gold Nanoclusters through HCl-Etching and -Growth Effect
  Ting Huang, Zhi-hu Sun and Guo-qiang Pan*
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Direct Synthesis of Monodisperse Hollow Molecularly Imprinted Polymers Based on Unfunctionalized SiO2 for the Recognition of Bisphenol A
  Shao-min Liu*, Meng-xing Wei, Xin Fu and Xue-bin Zhang
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Agent-Based Network Modeling Study of Immune Responses in Progression of Ulcerative Colitis
  Dao-rong Wu, Hai-shan Yu and Jie-lou Liao*
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