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Infrared Spectra, Structures and Bonding of Binuclear Transition Metal Carbonyl Cluster Ions
  Guan-jun Wang and Ming-fei Zhou*
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Theories and Applications of Mixed Quantum-Classical Non-adiabatic Dynamics
  Liang-hui Gao*, Bin-bin Xie and Wei-hai Fang*
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Imaging Isocyanic Acid Photodissociation at 193 nm: the NH(a1Δ)+ CO(X1Σ+) Channel
  Zhi-guo Zhang*, Min Xin*, Shu-tao Zhao and Yang Chen*
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Electronic Transport Properties of Spin-Crossover Magnet Fe(II)-N4S2 Complexes
  Ming-li Du, Yu-jie Hu, Jing Huang and Qun-xiang Li*
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Surface Tension Effect on Harmonics of Rayleigh-Taylor Instability
  Wan-hai Liu, Xiang Wang* and Wen-fang Ma
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Substituent E ects on 13C NMR and 1H NMR Chemical Shifts of CH=N in Multi-substituted Benzylideneanilines
  Chao-tun Cao, Lin-yan Wang and Chen-zhong Cao*
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In uence of Functional Groups and Modi cation Sites of Metal-Organic Frameworks on CO2/CH4 Separation: A Monte Carlo Simulation Study
  Jie Gong, Wei Li and Song Li*
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Stochastic Thermodynamics of Mesoscopic Electrochemical Reactions
  Tie-jun Xiao* and Yun Zhou
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Oxygen Electroreduction Performance of Ultrasmall Gold Nanoclusters
  Ting Huang, Zhi-hu Sun and Guo-qiang Pan*
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Direct View of Cr Atoms Doped in Anatase TiO2(001) Thin Film
  Hao-qi Tangy, Yue Liny, Zheng-wang Chengy, Xue-feng Cui and Bing Wang*
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A Novel Initiator Containing Alkyne Group for the Polymerization of 2-Ethyl-2-oxazoline
  Muhammad Waqas Ali, Ya-ting Gao, Muhammad Siddiq and Xiao-dong Ye*
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Comparison of Adsorption of Proteins at Di erent Sizes on Pristine Graphene and Graphene Oxide
  Zuo-si Yu, Yi-yi Gao, Xiao-gang Wang, Guo-quan Zhou, Song-wei Zeng and Jun-lang Chen*
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A Novel Ag3PO4/Ag/Ag2Mo2O7 Nanowire Photocatalyst: Ternary Nanocomposite for Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity
  Chun-xue Li, Xiu-ying Li, Bo Liu, Xiu-yan Wang, Guang-bo Che* and Xue Lin *
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Bimetallic RuM (M=Co, Ni) Alloy NPs Supported on MIL-110(Al): Synergetic Catalysis in Hydrolytic Dehydrogenation of Ammonia Borane
  Hong-hui Ning, Di Lu, Li-qun Zhou*, Meng-huan Chen, Yue Li, Gao-jian Zhou, Wei-wei Peng and Zheng Wang
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Synthesis of Chiral Polyaniline Induced by Modified Hemoglobin
  Jian-bo Chen*, Xiang-ling Kong and Liu Huang
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Enhanced Viscosity of Poly(acrylamide) Solution in the Presence of Chromium Citrate Triggered by Release of CO2
  Ai-guo Mo, Yu-pu Wang, Yi-kun Liu, Wan-fu Zhou, Quan Zhou, Akram Yasin and Hai-yang Yang*
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