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Photodissociation Dynamics of Carbon Dioxide Cation via the Vibrationally Mediated Ã2Πu,1/2 State: A Time-Sliced Velocity-Mapped Ion Imaging Study
  Rui Mao*, Chao He, Min Chen, Dan-na Zhou, Qun Zhang and Yang Chen
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Accurate Theoretical Study of LiS Radical and Its Singly Charged Cation and Anion in their Ground Electronic State
  En Cao, Shuang Liu and Yu-zhi Song*
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Surface Plasmon Assisted Directional Rayleigh Scattering
  Shen-long Jiang, Lu Chen, Xin-xin Yu, Hong-jun Zheng, Ke Lin, Qun Zhang*, Xiao-ping Wang and Yi Luo*
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Efficient Mass Transport and Electrochemistry Coupling Scheme for Reliable Multiphysics Modeling of Planar Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Stack
  Ang Li and Zi-jing Lin*
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Anomalous and Normal Diffusion of Tracers in Crowded Environments: E ect of Size Disparity between Tracer and Crowders
  Yi-ding Ma* and Kai-fu Luo
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TiO2/BiVO4, a Heterojuncted Microfiber with Enhanced Photocatalytic Performance for Methylene Blue under Visible Light Irradiation
  Zhan-ying Ma*, Xiao-bo Li, Cai-hua Zhou, Ling-juan Deng and Guang Fan
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π-Electron-Assisted Relaxation of Spin Excited States in Cobalt Phthalocyanine Molecules on Au(111) Surface
  Xiao-gang Liu, Hong-jian Du, Bin Li*, Ye-liang Zhao, Ai-di Zhao and Bing Wang*
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Synthesis of Cu2O/Ag Composite with Visible Light Photocatalytic Degradation Activity for in situ SERS Analysis
  Yi-ping Wu*, Bian-bian Wu and Xiang-hu Tang*
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Low-Energy Electron Attachment to Serine Conformers: Shape Resonances and Dissociation Dynamics
  Yongfeng Wang* and Shan Xi Tian
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Long-Lived Coherence Originating from Electronic-Vibrational Couplings in Light-Harvesting Complexes
  Xian-ting Liang*
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Layer Dependence of Graphene for Oxidation Resistance of Cu Surface
  Yu-qing Song* and Xiao-ping Wang
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Influence of Poly (methyl metacrylate) Addition on Resistive Switching Performance of P3HT/P(VDF-TrFE) Blend Films
  Jun-hui Weng, Jing-hang Hu, Jian-chi Zhang, Yu-long Jiang and Guo-dong Zhu*
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Homogeneous Degradation of Cellulose in Its Aqueous Solution at Mild Temperature under Atmospheric Pressure
  Le-zhi Tu and Li-feng Yan*
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Superparticles Formed by Amphiphilic Tadpole-like Single Chain Polymeric Nanoparticles and Their Application as an Ultrasonic Responsive Drug Carrier
  Li Jiang, Hui-ya Li and Dao-yong Chen*
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Construction of Renewable Superhydrophobic Surfaces via Thermally Induced Phase Separation and Mechanical Peeling
  Qi Zhu, Yuan Yu, Qing-Yun Wu* and Lin Gu*
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Two Rhodamine-based Turn on Chemosensors with High Sensitivity, Selectivity, and Naked-Eye Detection for Hg2+
  Yan Zhou, Li-qiang Yan, Zhi-neng Kong, Wen-qi Du, Bao-ying Wu and Zheng-jian Qi*
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γ-Ray-Radiation-Scissioned Chitosan as a Gene Carrier and Its Improved in uitro Gene Transfection Performance
  Fu-xing Lin, Kun Zeng, Wen-xiu Yang, Mo-zhen Wang*, Jie-lin Rong, Juan Xie, Yu Zhao* and Xue-wu Ge
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Paclitaxel Hydrogelator Delays Microtubule Aggregation
  Bin Mei and Gao-lin Liang*
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