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Fabricating Nanogaps between Nanoelectrodes using Dielectrophoresis Technique for Molecular Fluorescence Enhancement
  Qiu-shi Meng, Hong-bing Cai, Ke Lin, San-e Zhu, Yuan Liao, Yang Zhang, Xiao-ping Wang and Zhen-chao Dong
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Computer Simulation of Thin Film Wrinkling on Elastic Substrate
  Qian-ru Lv, Hua-ping Li, Cong-hua Lu and Xue-hao He
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First-Principles Investigation on Triazine Based Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Emitters
  Jian-zhong Fan, Shuai Qiu, Li-li Lin and Chuan-kui Wang
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Isotope E ects on Two-Photon Population Transfer Processes of HF and DF
  Yu-hui Pang, Bin-bin Wang, Yong-chang Han, Shu-lin Conga and Ying-yu Niu
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Enhanced Electrochemical Performances of LiFePO4/C via V and F Co-doping for Lithium-Ion Batteries
  Tao-tao Zhan, Chao Li, Yun-xia Jin and Shun-hua Xiao
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FT-IR, XPS, and DFT Study of Adsorption Mechanism of Sodium Acetohydroxamate onto Goethite or Hematite
  Meng Wang, Hui-ping Hu, Qi-yuan Chen and Guang-fu Ji
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Light-Induced Reaction of Benzene with Carbonates
  Ming-song Jia, Chun-hua Dong, Hua-ye Zhangd and Xin-zheng Yang
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Theoretical Study on Gas Phase Reactions of OH Hydrogen-Abstraction from Formyl Fluoride with Di erent Catalysts
  Ding-mei Wang, Zheng-wen Long, Xing-feng Tan, Bo Long and Wei-jun Zhang
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Theoretical Studies on Mechanism and Rate Constant of Gas Phase Hydrolysis of Glyoxal Catalyzed by Sulfuric Acid
  Ming-qiang Huang, Shun-you Caia, Ying-min Liao, Wei-xiong Zhao, Chang-jin Hu, Zhen-ya Wang and Wei-jun Zhang
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Spin Polarization at Organic-Ferromagnetic Interface: E ect of Contact Con guration
  Ying Li, Guang-ping Zhang, Zhen Xie, Zhao Zhang, Jun-feng Ren, Chuan-kui Wang and Gui-chao Hu
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Comparative Theoretical Studies on Several Energetic Substituted Dioxin-imidazole Derivatives
  Mei Zheng, Xiao-hong Li, Hong-ling Cui and Rui-zhou Zhang
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Controlled Synthesis of PCL/PVP Copolymer by RAFT Method and Its Hydrophilic Block-Dependent Micellar Behaviors
  Rui Li, Wen-min Pang, Qing-ren Zhu and Kang-ming Nie
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Epitaxial Growth and Thermoelectric Measurement of Bi2Te3/Sb Superlattice Nanowires
  Liang Li, Si-chao Xu and Guang-hai Li
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Morphology and Growth Process of Bat-like ZnO Crystals by Thermal Evaporation
  Pin Gao, Kai Wang, Chao Huang, Lu Meng and Fa-qiang Xu
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Virtual Screening of Human O-GlcNAc Transferase Inhibitors
  Qing-tong Zhou, Hao-jun Liang and Eugene Shakhnovich
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Ordered Toroid Structures of Nanoparticles in Self-attractive Semi exible Polymer/Nanoparticle Composites
  Zhi-yong Yang, Ai-hua Chai, Ping Li and Yong-fu Yang
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Investigation of Ultrafast Electronic Transfer Process on Organic/Inorganic Heterojunction by Femtosecond Transient Absorption
  Xue-cong Li, Ning Sui, Qing-hui Liu, Qi-lin Yuan and Ying-hui Wang
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Impact of Eu3+ Ions on Physical and Optical Properties of Li2O-Na2O-B2O3 Glass
  N. A. Razaka, S. Hashima, M. H. A. Mhareb, Y. S. M. Alajeramic, S. A. Azizana and N. Tamchekd
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