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Tunneling Electron Induced Fluorescence from Single Porphyrin Molecules Decoupled by Striped-Phase Octanethiol Self-assembled Monolayer
  Yan-min Kuang, Yun-jie Yu, Yang Luo, Jia-zhe Zhu, Yuan Liao, Yang Zhang and Zhen-chao Dong
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Raman Spectra of Liquid Nitromethane under Singly Shocked Conditions
  Ya-ping Wang, Fu-sheng Liu, Qi-jun Liu and Ning-chao Zhan
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Ion Product of Pure Water Characterized by Physics-Based Water Model
  Bin-bin Jie and Chihtang Sah
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Laser Linewidth and Spectral Resolution in Infrared Scanning Sum Frequency Generation Vibrational Spectroscopy System
  Feng Wei, Wen-xiu Xia, Zhong-jin Hu, Wen-hui Li, Ji-ying Zhang and Wan-quan Zheng
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Performances of Five Representative Force Fields on Gaseous Amino Acids with Di erent Termini
  Xin Chen and Zi-jing Lin
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Dynamics of Tripartite Entanglement and Intramolecular Energy in Symmetric Trimer Molecule
  Di Yi, Xing-lin Jian and Xi-wen Hou
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Ab initio Study on Formation Mechanism of Spiro-Si-Heterocyclic Ring Compound Involving Ge from H2Ge=Si: and Formaldehyde
  Xiu-hui Lu, Dang-sheng Wang and Jing-jing Ming
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Preparation, Characterization and Photocatalytic Activity of Fe, La Co-doped Nanometer Titanium Dioxide Photocatalysts
  Zhong-liang Shi, Man Guo, Lin-jun Wang and Shu-hua Yao
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Electronic and Optical Properties of O-Terminated Armchair Graphene Nanoribbons
  Dao-bang Lu, Chang-geng Luo, Yu-ling Song, Qun-na Pan and Chun-ying Pu
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Confinement Induced Ordering in Fluid of Hard Ellipsoids
  Han Miao and Hong-ru Ma
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First Principles Investigation of Electronic Property and High Pressure Phase Stability of SmN
  Ai-min Hao, Jing Bai, Shao-hua Luo and Xi-wei Qi
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Electronic Transport Through N24B24 Molecular Junction
  Mojtaba Yaghobi, Mohammad Ali Ramzanpour and Mohammad Reza Nyazian
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Crystallization Behavior and Properties of B-Doped ZnO Thin Films Prepared by Sol-Gel Method with Di erent Pyrolysis Temperatures
  Bin Wen, Chao-qian Liu, Nan Wang, Hua-lin Wang, Shi-min Liu, Wei-wei Jiang, Wan-yu Ding, Wei-dong Fei and Wei-ping Chai
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Photocatalytic Activity Improvement of g-C3N4 under Visible Light by Optimizing Preparation Conditions
  Jian-yang Hu and Guo-li Zhu
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Fast Photodegradation of Malachite Green using Nano-ZnO on Ceramic MgAl Carbonate Layered Double Hydroxides Support
  Rui-qiang Yan, Gui-hua Liu, Qing-feng Wang, Wei Liu and Chun-lin Song
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Structural and Magnetic Properties of Chemically Synthesized Pd-Modified NiFe2O4 Nanoparticles
  Shahid Atiq, Shahid M. Ramay, Asif Mahmood, Saira Riaz and Shahzad Naseem
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Synthesis and Surface Activity of Heterogemini Imidazolium Surfactants
  Xiao-hui Zhao and Zhi-wen Ye
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Preparation of Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Catalyst to Oxygen Reduction Reaction and Influence of Protective Gas Flowing on Its Activity
  Zhong-ping Xiong, Yu-jun Si, Hong Yu, Min-jiao Li and Mao-xue Chen
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Substituent Effects on Reduction Potentials of Meta-substituted and Para-substituted Benzylideneanilines
  Lin-yan Wang, Chao-tun Cao and Chen-zhong Cao
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Response Ability to External Signal Enhanced by Biological Spatial Con guration in Coupled Hindmarsh-Rose Neural System
  Shou-fang Huang, Ji-qian Zhang and Mao-sheng Wang
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Incorporation of Reactive Corrosion Inhibitor in Waterborne Acrylic Polyurethane Coatings and Evaluation of its Corrosion Performance
  Lin Gu, Ji-heng Ding, Shuan Liu and Hai-bin Yu
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