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Polarization Dependent Time-Resolved Infrared Spectroscopy and Its Applications
  Wen-kai Zhang
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Reactions of Group V Metal Atoms with Hydrogen Sulfide:Argon Matrix Infrared Spectra and Theoretical Calculations
  Jie Zhao, Bing Xu, Wen-jie Yu and Xue-feng Wang
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Structural Dynamics of Phenyl Azide in Light-Absorbing Excited States:Resonance Raman and Quantum Mechanical Calculation Study
  Rong-dan Yuan, Jia-dan Xue and Xu-ming Zheng
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Structural and Infrared Spectroscopic Study on Solvation of Acetylene by Protonated Water Molecules
  Xiang-tao Kong, Xin Lei, Qin-qin Yuan, Bing-bing Zhang, Zhi Zhao, Dong Yang, Shu-kang Jiang, Dong-xu Dai and Ling Jiang
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Excited-State Proton Transfer and Decay in Hydrogen-Bonded Oxazole System:MS-CASPT2//CASSCF Study
  Bin-bin Xie, Chun-xiang Li, Gang-long Cui and Qiu Fang
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Infrared Photodisssociation Spectroscopy of Boron Carbonyl Cation Complexes
  Jia-ye Jin, Guan-jun Wang and Ming-fei Zhou
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Photodissociation Dynamics of 2-Iodotoluene Investigated by Femtosecond Time-Resolved Mass Spectrometry
  Zhi-ming Liu, Yan-mei Wang, Chun-long Hu, Jin-you Long and Bing Zhang
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High-Resolution Threshold Photoelectron Spectroscopy by Vacuum Ultraviolet Laser Velocity-Map-Imaging Method
  Zhou Lu, Hong Gao, Yun-tao Xu, Lei Yang, Chow-Shing Lam, Yanice Benitez and C. Y. Ng
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Cross-Propagation Sum-Frequency Generation Vibrational Spectroscopy
  Li Fu, Shun-li Chen, Wei Gan and Hong-fei Wang
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Vibrational and Structural Dynamics of Mn(CO)5Br and Re(CO)5Br Examined Using Nonlinear Infrared Spectroscopy
  Min-jun Feng, Fan Yang and Jian-ping Wang
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Plasmonic Field Enhancement for Vibration Spectroscopy at Metal/Water Interfaces
  Zhi-hua Liu, Qian Xu and Wei-tao Liu
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Photochemical Reaction of Benzoin Caged Compound:Time-Resolved Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy Study
  Xiao-juan Dai, You-qing Yu, Kun-hui Liu and Hong-mei Su
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Laser Ablation Atomic Beam Apparatus with Time-Sliced Velocity Map Imaging for Studying State-to-State Metal Reaction Dynamics
  Chang-wu Dong, Jia-xing Liu, Fang-fang Li and Feng-yan Wang
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Facet Dependence of Photochemistry of Methanol on Single Crystalline Rutile Titania
  Qun-qing Hao, Zhi-qiang Wang, Xin-chun Mao, Chuan-yao Zhou, Dong-xu Dai and Xue-ming Yang
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Hermiticity of Hamiltonian Matrix using the Fourier Basis Sets in Bond-Bond-Angle and Radau Coordinates
  De-quan Yu, He Huang, Gunnar Nyman and Zhi-gang Sun
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Photoelectron Spectroscopy and Density Functional Calculations of TiGen- (n=7-12) Clusters
  Xiao-jiao Deng, Xiang-yu Kong, Xi-ling Xu, Hong-guang Xu and Wei-jun Zheng
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In situ Detection of Amide A Bands of Proteins in Water by Raman Ratio Spectrum
  Cheng-qian Tang, Ke Lin, Xiao-guo Zhou and Shi-lin Liu
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High-Resolution Experimental Study on Photodissocaition of N2O
  Sheng-rui Yu, Dao-fu Yuan, Wen-tao Chen, Ting Xie, Si-wen Wang, Xue-ming Yang and Xing-an Wang
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Laser Flash Photolysis Mechanism of Anthraquinone-2-Sodium Sulfonate in Pyridine Ionic Liquid/Water Mixed System
  Guang-lai Zhu, Liang-wei Zhang, Yan-cheng Liu, Zhi-feng Cui, Xin-sheng Xu and Guo-zhong Wu
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Spectrum Correction in Study of Solvation Dynamics by Fluorescence Non-collinear Optical Parametric Ampli cation Spectroscopy
  Wei Danga, Jing-jing Bai, Lian-shui Zhang and Yu-xiang Weng
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Efficient Separation of Ar and Kr from Environmental Samples for Trace Radioactive Noble Gas Detection
  Le-yi Tu, Guo-min Yang, Xiang-yang Zhang and Shui-ming Hu
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