Volume 28,Issue 6,2015 Table of Contents

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Special Issue

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Oxidation of Anatase TiO2(001) (1×4) Surface
  Kuan-da Chen, Yong-liang Shi and Jin Zhao*
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One-Dimensional Scanning of Electronic Wavefunction in Carbon Nanotubes by Molecular Encapsulation
  Gui Ye, Jun Li, Ming-sen Deng and Jun Jiang*
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Chemical Empiricism 2.0 at Age of Big Data: Large-scale Prediction of Reaction Pathways Based on Bond Dissociation Energies
  Shi-lu Chen*
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First-Principles Study of La Doping Effects on the Electronic Structures and Photocatalytic Properties of Anatase TiO2
  Ping Huang, Bo Shang*, Ling-jie Li and Jing-lei Lei
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Reconstruction of Smoke Plume Concentration Peaks Based on Modified MAX-DOAS Tomography
  Min-hong Wei, Min-ming Tong and Su-wen Li*
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Theoretical Study on Inverse Sandwich Complexes [E-C{5-n}H{5-n}Nn-E]+ and [E-C{5-n}H{5-n}Pn-E]+ (n=1, 2, 3; E=Al, Ga, In, Tl)
  Nan-nan Liu* and Yi-hong Ding*
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Importance of Metal Cations and Water for Stability of MnO2 Crystals
  Zhi-gang Wei*, Jia-hong Yan, Yang Wu and Yue Liu
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Elastic Low-Energy Electron Collisions with Methanethiol
  Ke-dong Wang* and Ju Meng
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TDDFT Study on Excited-State Hydrogen Bonding of 2'-Deoxyguano-sine in H2O Solution
  Dong-lin Li, Hui Li, Yong-gang Yang and Yu-fang Liu*
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Effects of Time Delay on Multistability of Genetic Toggle Switch
  De-qing Zhu, Hui-jun Jiang and Zhong-huai Hou*
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First Principles Study of Uranium Solubility in Gd2Zr2O7 Pyrochlore
  Qing-yun Chen, Kai-min Shih*, Chuan-min Meng*, Lie-lin Wang, Hua Xie and Tao Wu
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Synthesis and Characterization of PEG Polymer Brushes via Cyclopolymerization of 1,2,3-Triazole Tethered Diacrylates
  Xiao-ying Zhao and He-wen Liu*
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Preparation of Cu(In,Al)(Se,S)2 Thin Films by Low-Cost Non-vacuum Hybrid Process
  Zhao-fan Liu, Wei Xia, Chen-chen Yuan and Pai-feng Luo*
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Synthesis, Characterization, and Fluorescence Sensor Property of Polyurethane/Ag2S Nanostrips
  Shan Wang*, Yi Huang and Jian-she Yue
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High-Sensitive Glucose Biosensor Based on Ionic Liquid Doped Polyaniline/Prussian Blue Composite Film
  Yao Yao, Shou-guo Wu*, Hai-hong Xu and Li-wen Wang
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Miniature Boat Fabrication with Striking Loading Capacity in Seawater from Hydrophobic Steel Mesh
  Zai-xing Jiang, Ming-qiang Wang, Hao Cheng, Hai-bao Lv, Yong-tao Yao, Yong-ping Bai, Lu Shao* and Yu-dong Huang*
  Abstract(1072)  View PDF(582)   [HTML]
Pyrene Derivate Functionalized with Acetylene for Organic Field Effect Transistors
  Zuo-qin Liang*, Jie Zhou, Xiao-mei Wang and Xu-tang Tao
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Effects of Sm Co-doping on Luminescent Properties of Sr4Al14O25:M (M=Mn4+, Cr3+) Phosphors
  Yu-dong Xu*, Xu-dong Peng, Lei Wang*, Min Shi, Yuan Zhang, Quan Wang, San Qi and Ning Ding
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Antireflective and Self-cleaning Properties of SiO2/TiO2 Double-Layer Films Prepared by Cost-E ective Sol-Gel Process
  Hui Zhang, Duo-wang Fan*, Tian-zhi Yu and Cheng-long Wang
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Chinese Abstracts
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Visualization of Melting of Antiferromagnetic Insulator Phase in Phase-Separated Manganite Film using Magnetic Force Microscopy
  Hai-biao Zhou, Yu-bin Hou and Qing-you Lu*
  Abstract(1886)  View PDF(939)   [HTML]
Electronic Structure and Circular Dichroism of Natural Alboatisins Isolated from Aerial Parts of Isodon Albopilosus: DFT and TDDFT Study
  Gao-zhang Gou*, Bo Zhou, Ling Shi, Shao-ming Chi, Xian-lan Chen and Wei Liu*
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