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Observation of Interference Effects in (e, 2e) Electron Momentum Spectroscopy of SF6 (cited: 1)
  Min-fu Zhao, Xu Shan*, Jing Yang, En-liang Wang, Shan-shan Niu and Xiang-jun Chen
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Excited State Intramolecular Proton Transfer of 1-Hydroxyanthraquinone
  Si-mei Sun, Song Zhang*, Kai Liu, Ya-ping Wang, Miao-miao Zhou and Bing Zhang
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Full Quantum Theory of Molecular Hot-Electroluminescence in Scanning Tunneling Microscope Tunnel Junctions
  Gong Chen, Xiao-guang Li* and Zhen-chao Dong*
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Nonlinear Optical Properties of D-π-A-π-D Type Oligomers with Different Conjugation Length
  Tian-hao Huang, Ying-hui Wang, Tian-ning Xu*, Feng-ying Yu, Han-zhuang Zhang and Yu-ran Wang
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New Insight into Competition between Decomposition Pathways of Hydroperoxymethyl Formate in Low Temperature DME Oxidation
  Li-li Xing, Xiao-yuan Zhang, Zhan-dong Wang, Shuang Li and Li-dong Zhang*
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First-Principles Study of Field Emission from Zigzag Graphene Nanoribbons Terminated with Ether Groups
  Xin Chen and Bin Li*
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Theoretical Study on Resonance Raman Spectra of Tetraoxaporphyrin Dication by TDDFT Calculation
  Guo-bing Wang, Hui-qing Zhao, Zhen-lin Zhang, Wen-lou Wang and Dong-ming Chen*
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First-Principles Study on Electronic and Optical Properties of Graphene-Like Boron Phosphide Sheets
  Shao-feng Wang and Xiao-jun Wu*
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Fully Di erential Cross Sections for Single Ionization of Helium by AuQ+ Impact
  Li-li Feng, Shi-yan Sun, Qiao-qiao Duan and Xiang-fu Jia*
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Controlling Coherence Transfer of Dimer Interacting with Independent Environments
  Fang Su and Zhong-xiao Man*
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Clay-Supported Molybdenum-Based Catalysts for Higher Alcohol Synthesis from Syngas
  Gai-mei Wu, Ji-long Zhou, Mei-mei Lv, Wei Xie, Song Sun, Chen Gao, Wen-dong Wang* and Jun Bao*
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“Ship-in-a-Bottle” Approach to Synthesize Ag@hm-SiO2 Yolk/Shell Nanospheres
  Wei-qiang Li, Guo-zhong Wang, Guang-hai Li and Yun-xia Zhang*
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Growth Mechanism of Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotube Arrays
  Ji-cheng Zhang, Yong-jian Tang, Yong Yi, Min-jie Zhou, Kang-fu Ma, Wei-dong Wu, Chao-yang Wang, Yan Zhao, Bing-chi Luo and Zhuo Wang*
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Melting Mechanism and Structure Evolution of Au Nanofilms Explored by Molecular Dynamics Simulations
  Guo-bing Zhou, Zhen Yang*, Fang-jia Fu, Na Hu, Xiang-shu Chen* and Duan-jian Tao
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Metal-Triggered DNA Folding by Different Mechanisms
  Wei Deng, Bin Zheng, Wei Ding, Hong Zhu and Hao-jun Liang*
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Electrochemical Synthesis and Research of Two Polymers Composed of Alternate Carbazole and Thiophene Units
  Qing Cheng and Qing-zhen Wen*
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Hydrogen Bond Effect in Nonlinear Optical Properties of Azobenzene Derivatives
  Da-qiao Hu*, Wen-jun Wang, Rong-rong Wang, Bo Yang and Bo Yu
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Production of 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural and Furfural from Lignocellulosic Biomass in Water-Tetrahydrofuran Media with Sodium Bisulfate
  Ning Shi, Qi-ying Liu, Tie-jun Wang, Qi Zhang, Long-long Ma* and Chi-liu Cai
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Polarity Effects of Propylene Carbonate on Breakdown Strength in Microsecond Range
  Zhen Wang, Zi-cheng Zhang* and Jian-de Zhang
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