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CO2 Pressure Shift and Broadening of Water Lines Near 790 nm
  Yan Lu,Xin-fei Li,An-wen Liu* and Shui-ming Hu
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Infrared Spectroscopy of CO Isolated in Solid Nitrogen Matrix
  Lei Wu,Ricardo Lambo*,Yan Tan,An-wen Liu and Shui-ming Hu
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Theoretical Investigations on Graphite Oxide Immersed in Water or Methanol (cited: 3)
  Wan-wan Geng,Wen-hui Zhao and Lan-feng Yuan*
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New Hexagonal-rhombic Trilayer Ice Structure Confined between Hydrophobic Plates (cited: 1)
  Min Jia,Wen-hui Zhao and Lan-feng Yuan*
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O2, CO2, and H2O Chemisorption on UN(001) Surface: Density Functional Theory Study
  Ru-song Li*,Bin He,Fei Wang,Xu Peng and Hua Wang
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GPCR A2AAR Agonist Binding and Induced Conformation Changes of Functional Switches
  Xue-qin Pang and Jian-yong Liu*
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Theoretical Study of Reagent Rotational Excitation Effect on the Stereodynamics of H+LiF→HF+Li Reaction
  Ting-xian Xie,Ying-ying Zhang,Ying Shi* and Ming-xing Jin
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Quantum Chemical Studies on Structure and Detonation Performance of Bis(2,2-dinitropropyl ethylene)formal
  Shu-qing Yan and Xiao-hong Li*
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Experimental and Theoretical Investigation on Excited State Intramolecular Proton Transfer Coupled Charge Transfer Reaction of Baicalein
  Shan-shan Hu,Kun Liu,Qian-qian Ding,Wei Peng* and Mao-du Chen*
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Anisotropy of Thermal-expansion for β-Octahydro-1,3,5,7-tetranitro-1,3,5,7-tetrazocine: Quantum Chemistry Calculation and Molecular Dynamics Simulation
  Wen Qian,Chao-yang Zhang,Yuan-jie Shu*,Ying Xiong,He-hou Zong and Wei-bin Zhang
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Kinetic Implication from Temperature Effect on Hydrogen Evolution Reaction at Ag Electrode
  Jing Kang,Chu-hong Lin,Yao Yao and Yan-xia Chen*
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High Pressure Structural Instability and Thermal Properties of Rutile TiO2 from First-principles
  Cui-e Hu,Zhao-yi Zeng*,Chun-yang Kong,Yu-ting Cui,Lin Zhang and Ling-cang Cai
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Effects of Rotational Isomerism and Bond Length Alternation on Optical Spectra of FTC Chromophore in Solution
  Ke Zhao*,Guang-chao Han,Li-li Zhang and Hai-hong Jia
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Effect of Ar+, He+, and S+ Irradiation on n-InP Single Crystal
  Jing-yu Hu,Waqas Mahmood and Qing Zhao*
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Spontaneous Cracking of Graphite Oxide Sheet on Oxygen Deficient ZnO Film
  Jin-yang Liu,Hong-bin Cai,Huan-yi Ding,Kun Zhang,Nan Pan and Xiao-ping Wang*
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Conversion of Pretreated Biomass into Levulinic Acid via Continuous Extraction at Atmosphere Pressure(cited: 2)
  Ming-hui Fan and Li-feng Yan*
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Hierarchical Radial Co3O4 Microcrystal and Application in Gas Sensor
  Xin-xin Yu,Xian-song Liu,Ming-zai Wu*,Zhao-qi Sun,Guang Li and Xiao-shuang Chen
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Theoretical Study on the High-Temperature P6 and P6' Phases of Si3N4: A Tool to Aid in Ceramics Development
  Ben-hai Yu and Dong Chen*
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Investigation on Excited-State Photophysical Characteristics of Low Bandgap Polymer APFO3 (cited: 1)
  Li-li Qu,Ying-hui Wang*,Zhi-hui Kang,Yu-guang Ma and Han-zhuang Zhang*
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Interaction Study between DNA and Histone Proteins on Single-molecule Level using Atomic Force Microscopy
  Yu-ying Liu*,Peng-ye Wang,Shuo-xing Dou and Hong-feng Lv
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Alumina Photonic Crystals with Defect Modes for Sensor Application
  Peng Yan,Guang-Tao Fei*,Hui Li,Guo-liang Shang,Bing Wu and Li-de Zhang
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