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Theoretical Insights into Intermolecular Hydrogen-Bonding Strengthening in Fluorenone-Methanol Complexes Induced by Electronic Excitation and Bulk Solvent Effect (cited: 1)
  Chao Sun,Jie Liu,Wan-zhen Liang and Yi Zhao*
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Quasi-classical Trajectory Study of F+H2O→HF+OH Reaction: Influence of Barrier Height, Reactant Rotational Excitation, and Isotopic Substitution (cited: 4)
  Jun Li and Hua Guo*
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Time-dependent Density Functional-based Tight-bind Method Efficiently Implemented with OpenMP Parallel and GPU Acceleration
  Guo-hong Fan,Ke-li Han* and Guo-zhong He
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Suppression of Photoinduced BBO Defects Generation on TiO2(110) by Water (cited: 1)
  Chen-biao Xu,Wen-shao Yang,Qing Guo*,Dong-xu Dai,Mao-du Chen and Xue-ming Yang*
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Ultrafast Excited State Dynamics of trans-4-Aminoazobenzene Studied by Femtosecond Transient Absorption Spectroscopy (cited: 1)
  Ya-ping Wang,Song Zhang*,Si-mei Sun,Kai Liu and Bing Zhang*
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Theoretical Study on the Rotational Spectra of Ar-D232S Complex
  Jin-ping Lei,Yan-zi Zhou and Dai-qian Xie*
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Theoretical Investigation on the Absence of Spore Photoproduct Analogue at Cytosine-Thymine Site
  Qian Du,Hong-mei Zhao and Hong-mei Su*
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State-to-state Photoionization Dynamics of Vanadium Nitride by Two-color Laser Photoionization and Photoelectron Methods (cited: 4)
  Huang Huang,Zhi-hong Luo,Yih Chung Chang,Kai-Chung Lau and C. Y. Ng*
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Experimental and Theoretical Study of Reactions between Manganese Oxide Cluster Cations and Hydrogen Sulfide (cited: 2)
  Mei-ye Jia,Sheng-gui He* and Mao-fa Ge*
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Infrared Photodissociation Spectroscopy of Ti+(CO2)2Ar and Ti+(CO2)n(n=3-7) Comple xes (cited: 1)
  Xiao-peng Xing,Guan-jun Wang*,Cai-xia Wang and Ming-fei Zhou
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Ion Pairing Kinetics Does not Necessarily Follow the Eigen-Tamm Mechanism
  Qiang Zhang,Bing-bing Zhang,Ling Jiang* and Wei Zhuang*
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Laser-induced Fluorescence Spectroscopy of CoS: Identification of a New Excited State Arising from the Ground State
  Jian-zheng Zang,Qun Zhang*,De-ping Zhang,Cheng-bing Qin,Qiang Zhang and Yang Chen*
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Steric Effects in the Cl+CHD3(v1=1) Reaction (cited: 2)
  Fengyan Wang* and Kopin Liu*
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Coherent Vibrational Dynamics and High-resolution Nonlinear Spectroscopy: A Comparison with the Air/DMSO Liquid Interface
  Luis Velarde,Zhou Lu and Hong-fei Wang*
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Two-Dimensional Infrared Spectroscopy of the Photoproduct of π-Cyclopentadienyliron Dicarbonyl Dimer
  Fan Yang,Peng-yun Yu,Ji-pei Shi,Juan Zhao,Xue-mei He and Jian-ping Wang*
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Sequential Observation of Alkali-halide Gas Phase Clusters in High Resolution TOF-MS and Prediction of Their Structures
  Hui Wen,Yi-rong Liu,Kang-ming Xu,Teng Huang,Chang-jin Hu,Wei-jun Zhang* and Wei Huang*
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Thermal-induced Unfolding of β-Crystallin and Disassembly of its Oligomers Revealed by Temperature-Jump Time-Resolved Infrared Spectroscopy
  Shan-shan Li,Ying-ying Yu,De-yong Li,Xiao-chuan He,Yong-zhen Bao* and Yu-xiang Weng*
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Cyclic M(SO2) (M=Zn, Cd) and its Anions: Matrix Infrared Spectra and DFT Calculations
  Guang-jun Li,Xing Liu,Jie Zhao,Bing Xu and Xue-feng Wang*
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Mapped Finite Element Discrete Variable Representation
  De-quan Yu,Shu-lin Cong*,Dong H. Zhang and Zhi-gang Sun*
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Chemical Dynamics Simulations of the Hydroxyl Radical Reaction with Ethene
  Jiaxu Zhang*,Li Yang and Diego Troya
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Design Near-threshold Photoelectron Imaging Spectrometer Based on UV Laser Induced Photoelectron Emission Anion Source (cited: 2)
  Zheng-bo Qin,Xia Wu and Zi-chao Tang*
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Theoretical Characterization of Chiral Carbon Nanotube Encapsulating Ellipsoidal C70
  Er-jun Kan* and Qiu-shi Yao
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