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Photoionization Mass Spectrometric and Kinetic Modeling of Low-pressure Pyrolysis of Benzene (cited: 3)
  Jiu-zhong Yang,Long Zhao,Jiang-huai Cai,Fei Qi and Yu-yang Li*
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How Graphene Oxide Quenches Fluorescence of Rhodamine 6G
  Kai-li Fan,Zhen-kun Guo,Zhi-gang Geng,Jing Ge,Shen-long Jiang,Jia-hua Hu and Qun Zhang*
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Resonance-Enhanced Photon Excitation Spectroscopy of the Even-Parity 3p5(2P1/2)nl′ [K′]J (l′=1, 3) Autoionizing Rydberg States of Ar
  Chun-yan Li*,Zhi-wei He,Ting-ting Wang,Jun-feng Zhen,Yang Chen* and Jin-song Zhang
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Photodissociation Spectra of OCS+ via B2+←X2∏ Transitions
  Dan-na Zhou,Li-min Zhang*,Lin Chen and Dan Wu
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Helium Droplets: An Apparatus to Study Ultra Cold Chemistry
  Cui-mei Zhang,Zhi-guo Zhang,Cun-shun Huang*,Qun Zhang and Yang Chen*
  Abstract(2135)  View PDF(2005)   [HTML]
Ab initio Study of Complexation Process between Poly(amido-amine) and Nano-Silicon Dioxide
  Tao Jin* and Hai-liang Lü
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Investigation on Non-covalent Complexes of Cyclodextrins with Li+ in Gas Phase by Mass Spectrometry
  Xiao-dan He,Wang-hui Wei,Yan-qiu Chu*,Zhi-pan Liu and Chuan-fan Ding
  Abstract(1898)  View PDF(1605)   [HTML]
Adsorption Reaction Dynamics of Systems Lysozyme and Nanodiamond/Nanosilica at pH=7-13
  Victor Wei-Keh Chao(Wu)*
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Interesting Magnetic and Optical Properties of ZnO Co-doped with Transition Metal and Carbon
  Si-hao Deng,Ming Xu*,Man-yi Duan and Ong Brian
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Photovoltaic Performance of Triphenylamine Dyes-sensitized Solar Cells Employing Cobalt Redox Shuttle and Influence of π-conjugated Spacers
  Jiang-nan Jia,Kai Tang,Mao Liang*,Hong-yu Han,Quan-ping Wu and Song Xue*
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A Revisit to the Role of Bridge-adsorbed Formate in the Electrocatalytic Oxidation of Formic Acid at Pt Electrodes (cited: 2)
  Jie Xu,Dong Mei,Dao-fu Yuan,Zun-biao Zhang,Shao-xiong Liu and Yan-xia Chen*
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Detailed Temperature-dependent Study of n-Heptane Pyrolysis at High Temperature
  Jun-xia Ding,Guo-zhong He and Liang Zhang*
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Synthesis and Electrochemical Property of Flowerlike LiFePO4 by Poly(ethylene glycol)-assisted Hydrothermal Process
  Xin Guo,Yao-cheng Zhang and Hong-fa Xiang*
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Preparation of BiVO4 Hollow Spheres and its Photocatalytic Degradation of Methylene Blue
  Zhan-ying Ma and Bing-hua Yao*
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Urchin-like CoCu Bimetallic Nanocomposites for Catalytic Hydrogenolysis of Glycerol to Propanediols
  Qi-ying Liu*,Song-bai Qiu,Tie-jun Wang and Long-long Ma
  Abstract(1805)  View PDF(1396)   [HTML]
Preparation of 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural from Cellulose via Fast Depolymerization and Consecutively Catalytic Conversion
  Bin Lai,Yi Zhao and Li-feng Yan*
  Abstract(2009)  View PDF(3058)   [HTML]
Synthesis and Solid Phase Extraction Performance Study of NNAL-specific Molecularly Imprinted Polymers Using Dummy Templates
  Zhi-dan Zhang,Sai-jing Zheng,Jun Yang*,Wei-miao Wang,Bai-zhai Liu and Xiao-lan Zhu
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