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Surface Photocatalysis-TPD Spectrometer for Photochemical Kinetics
  Ze-feng Ren,Qing Guo,Chen-biao Xu,Wen-shao Yang,Chun-lei Xiao,Dong-xu Dai and Xue-ming Yang*
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Absorption Spectroscopy of (8,1) Band in d3△-a3ПSystem of CS Radical
  Chuan-liang Li,Lun-hua Deng*,Yan Zhang,Ji-lin Wei and Yang-qin Chen
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Raman Scattering Study on Vibrational Modes and Structure of Lanthanum Tellurite Glasses
  Angelos G. Kalampounias*
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Vibrational Spectra and Quantum Calculations of Ethylbenzene
  Jian Wang,Xue-jun Qiu,Yan-mei Wang,Song Zhang* and Bing Zhang
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Spectroscopic Parameters of X3-, a1△, and A'3△ Electronic States of SO Radical
  Jie-min Wang*,Heng-qiang Feng,Jin-feng Sun,De-heng Shi and Zun-lue Zhu
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Ab initio Study on Ionization Energies of 1-Methyl-hypoxanthine
  Ke-dong Wang*,Da-peng Yang and Yu-fang Liu
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Theoretical Study on Vibrational Spectra, Detonation Properties and Pyrolysis Mechanism for Cyclic 2-Diazo-4,6-dinitrophenol
  Xiao-hong Li*,Geng-xin Yin and Xian-zhou Zhang
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A Universal Reduced Rupture Creep Approach for Prediction of Long Term Failure Behavior of Aged Glass Polymers from the Short Term Test of Rupture Creep Compliance by the Unified Master Curved Extrapolation
  Guang-jun Song,Da-ming Wu,Wei-yue Song,Ming-shi Song* and Gui-xian Hu
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Direct Visual Evidence for Neutral and Charged Hexaphyrin Aromaticity with and without Keto-Defect
  Shan Zhang,Peng Song*,Sha Wang,Yu-ling Chu,Yuan-zuo Li,Zhong Yang,Yong Ding and Feng-cai Ma*
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Molecular Dynamics Study of Interaction between Acrylamide Copolymers and Alumina Crystal
  Feng-he Wang*,Feng-yun Wang and Xue-dong Gong
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Solvent Effects on Spectral Property and Dipole Moment of the Lowest Excited State of Coumarin 343 Dye
  Li-lin Jiang,Wei-long Liu,Yun-fei Song,Xing He,Yang Wang,Hong-lin Wu and Yan-qiang Yang*
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Continuous Flow Reactor for Hydroxylation of Benzene to Phenol by Hydrogen Peroxide
  Li Zhang,Hui-hui Liu,Gui-ying Li* and Chang-wei Hu*
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Interaction Mechanism of Nano-silicon Dioxide Modified by Poly(amidoamine) Dendrimers
  Tao Jin* and Xiao-yu Li
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Perovskite-type Ba0.5Sr0.5Al0.1Fe0.9O3-δ as Intermediate-Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Cathode
  Yun Gan and Kui Xie*
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Effects of Metal Oxide Modifications on Photoelectrochemical Properties of Mesoporous TiO2 Nanoparticles Electrodes for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
  Tian-you Peng*,Ke Fan,De Zhao,Li-juan Yu and Ren-jie Li*
  Abstract(1996)  View PDF(3)   [HTML]
Effect of Charge, Size and Temperature on Stability of Charged Colloidal Nano Particles
  A. Golchoobi*,A. Khosravi,H. Modarress and A. Ahmadzadeh
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Inverted Organic Solar Cells with Improved Performance using Varied Cathode Bu?er Layers
  Zhi-qiang Guan,Jun-sheng Yu*,Yue Zang and Xing-xin Zeng
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