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Photodissociation of 2-Bromobutane at ~265 nm by Ion-velocity Map Imaging Technique
  Dan-na Zhou,Rui Mao,Li-min Zhang,Qun Zhang and Yang Chen*
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Photofragmentation of Isoleucine by Vacuum Ultraviolet Photoionization
  Yang Xie,Lan-lan Cao,Qiang Zhang,Jun Chen,Gen-bai Chu,Yu-jie Zhao,Xiao-bin Shan,Fu-yi Liu* and Liu-si Sheng*
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Kinetics of Coil-to-Globule Transition of Dansyl-Labeled Poly(N-isopropyl-acrylamide) Chains in Aqueous Solution
  Chun-liang Li,Xiao-dong Ye*,Yan-wei Ding and Shi-lin Liu
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Extensive Computational Study on Conformations of Microsolvated Leucine Complexes
  Sha Liu,An-dong Hu and Zijing Lin*
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Nucleation of Kinetic Ising Model under Oscillating Field
  Kun Li,Hui-jun Jiang,Han-shuang Chen and Zhong-huai Hou*
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Coverage-dependent Orientations of Dy@C82 Molecules on Au(111) Surface
  Feng-yun Chen* and Zhen-peng Hu
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Preparation and Investigation on Lattice Distortion and Electrochemical Performances of Li0.95Na0.05FePO4/C
  Xiao-dong Xin,Hong-ju Li,Qin-qin Chang and Wen-lou Wang*
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Catalytic Transformation of Bio-oil to Olefins with Molecular Sieve Catalysts
  Wei-wei Huang,Fei-yan Gong,Qi Zhai and Quan-xin Li*
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Effect of Potassium Oleate on Rheological Behavior of Cationic Guar in Aqueous Solution with Varying Temperatures
  Qin Wang,Hua-zhen Li,Yong-jun Xie,Hua-yu Li and Hai-yang Yang*
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Nanosized Spinel Li4Ti5O12 Anode Material Prepared by Gel-polymer Method using Furfuryl Alcohol as Polymerizable Solvent
  Chu-xiong Ding,Yao-cai Bai,Cong Wei and Chun-hua Chen*
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Phase Transition of Poly(acrylic acid-co-N-isopropylacrylamide) Core-shell Nanogels
  Xiao-bing Liu,Jian-feng Zhou and Xiao-dong Ye*
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Temperature Effect on Hydrogen Evolution Reaction at Au Electrode
  Zhi-qiang Tang,Ling-wen Liao,Yong-li Zheng,Jing Kang and Yan-xia Chen*
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Selective CO Methanation over Ru Catalysts Supported on Nanostructured TiO2 with Different Crystalline Phases and Morphology
  Gui-ying Wang,Yu-xian Gao,Wen-dong Wang* and Wei-xin Huang
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Influence of Thermal Treatments on In-depth Compositional Uniformity of CuIn(S,Se)2 Thin Films
  Hai-bing Xie,Wei-feng Liu*,Guo-shun Jiang,Xin-yi Li,Fei Yan and Chang-fei Zhu*
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Ultrasonic-Assisted Synthesis of Monodisperse Ag Nanoparticles and Their Applications in Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering and Fluorescence Enhancement
  Xia Bi,Jian Zuo and Qing Yang*
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Chinese Abstracts
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First-principle Studies on Enhanced Optical Stability of BaMgAl10O17:Eu2+ Phosphor by SiN Doping
  Yi-fei Wang,Yi-fei Wang,Jing-kun Gao,Ming-Hsien Lee,Wei He,Xin Xu,Lu-yuan Hao and Jun-hua Chen*
  Abstract(2726)  View PDF(1972)   [HTML]
Absorption and Structural Property of Ethanol/Water Mixture with Carbon Nanotubes
  Sheng-ping Du,Wen-hui Zhao and Lan-feng Yuan*
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A Green and Mild Approach of Synthesis of Highly-Conductive Graphene Film by Zn Reduction of Exfoliated Graphite Oxide
  Zhi-gang Geng,Guang-hui Zhang,Yue Lin,Xin-xin Yu,Wen-zhen Ren,Yu-kun Wu,Nan Pan* and Xiao-ping Wang
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First-principles Study of Geometric and Electronic Structures of Si(111)-√7×√3-In Surface Reconstruction
  Bo Shang,Lan-feng Yuan and Jin-long Yang
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Graphdiyne as Hydrogen Purification Membrane
  Wen-hui Zhao,Lan-feng Yuan* and Jin-long Yang
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