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  Abstract(1276)  View PDF(1480)   [HTML]
Hydrogen Permeation Performance of Ni-BaZr0.1Ce0.7Y0.2O3-δ Metal-Ceramic Hollow Fiber Membrane
  Chun-li Yang,Qi-ming Xu,Zhi-wen Zhu and Wei Liu*
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Spin-orbit Splitting and Lifetime Broadening in the A2Δ Electronic State of l-C5H
  Mohammad Ali Haddad,Dong-feng Zhao*,Harold Linnartz and Wim Ubachs
  Abstract(1982)  View PDF(1391)   [HTML]
Kinetic Simulation of Gold Nanorod Growth in Solution Based on Optical Spectra
  Ying-ying Wang,Bo-xuan Li,Silvije Vdovic,Xue-fei Wang* and An-dong Xia
  Abstract(1981)  View PDF(1282)   [HTML]
O2(1Δ) Yield Measurement by Raman Spectroscopy With Elimination of Chlorine Fluorescence Interference
  Rong-rong Cui,Wen-bo Shi*,Lie-zheng Deng,He-ping Yang,Guo-he Sha and Cun-hao Zhang
  Abstract(2464)  View PDF(1664)   [HTML]
Enthalpies Estimation of Formation of Monosubstituted Alkanes by Interaction Potential Index
  Ya-xin Wu,Chen-zhong Cao* and Hua Yuan
  Abstract(1652)  View PDF(1513)   [HTML]
Theoretical Study on Electronic Gain-and-loss Properties of TEMPO and Its Derivates in Charge/Discharge Processes
  Shu-cai Mao*,Jin-qing Qu and Kang-cheng Zheng
  Abstract(2042)  View PDF(1276)   [HTML]
Glass Formation of n-Butanol: Coarse-grained Molecular Dynamics Simulations Using Gay-Berne Potential Model
  Gui-long Xie,Yong-hong Zhang and Shi-ping Huang*
  Abstract(2416)  View PDF(1587)   [HTML]
Accuracy of Low-level Surface in Hierarchical Construction of Potential Energy Surface
  Chun-rui Wang and Dong H. Zhang*
  Abstract(1951)  View PDF(2142)   [HTML]
Secondary Structure Analysis of Native Cellulose by Molecular Dynamics Simulations with Coarse-Grained Model
  Shuai Wu,Hai-yi Zhan,Hong-ming Wang* and Yan Ju*
  Abstract(2673)  View PDF(1296)   [HTML]
Structural and Magnetic Properties of Bi(Fe1-xMnx)O3
  Bin-feng Ding*
  Abstract(1777)  View PDF(1472)   [HTML]
Preparation and Electrochemical Characteristics of Three-dimensional Manganese Oxide Micro-supercapacitor Electrode
  Chun-ming Wen*,Zhi-yu Wen,Zheng You and Xiao-feng Wang
  Abstract(1913)  View PDF(1778)   [HTML]
Bifunctional TiO2 Catalysts for Efficient Cr(VI) Photoreduction Under Solar Light Irradiation Without Addition of Acids
  Fu-cheng Shi,Wen-dong Wang and Wei-xin Huang*
  Abstract(1981)  View PDF(1222)   [HTML]
Molecular Dynamics Simulation on Scale Inhibition Mechanism of Polyepoxysuccinic Acid to Calcium Sulphate
  Jian-ping Zeng,Feng-he Wang,Chen Zhou and Xue-dong Gong*
  Abstract(2075)  View PDF(1656)   [HTML]
Optical Properties of CdS Nanobelts and Nanosaws Synthesized by Thermal Evaporation Method
  Zhi-wei Peng* and Bing-suo Zou
  Abstract(1760)  View PDF(1253)   [HTML]
Dispersion and STM Characterization of Au-CdSe Nanohybrids on Au(111)
  Bo Gao,Yan-min Kuang,Yuan Liao* and Zhen-chao Dong*
  Abstract(1775)  View PDF(1788)   [HTML]
Synthesis and Photocatalytic Property of ZnO/TiO2 Inverse Opals Films with Controllable Composition and Topology
  Jiao Xu,Bei-fang Yang*,Zheng-ping Fu,Mei-wang Wen and Yong-xun Zhao
  Abstract(2031)  View PDF(1954)   [HTML]
Effect of β-Cyclodextrin Upon the Sol-gel Transition of Methylcellulose Solutions in the Presence of Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate
  Hua-yu Li,Xiang Hao,Yong-jun Xie,Hai-yang Yang*,He Liu and Jian-hui Luo
  Abstract(2092)  View PDF(1558)   [HTML]
Chinese Abstracts
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Stable High-Energy Density Super-Atom Clusters of Aluminum Hydride
  Ke-yan Lian,Yuan-fei Jiang,De-hou Fei,Wei Feng,Ming-xing Jin,Da-jun Ding* and Yi Luo
  Abstract(2071)  View PDF(1147)   [HTML]
Geometrical Structures and Electronic Properties of Copper-Doped Aluminum Clusters
  Xi-hui Cheng*,Da-jun Ding*,Yong-gang Yu and Ming-xing Jin
  Abstract(1808)  View PDF(1364)   [HTML]
First-principles Study of Adsorption and Dissociation of Methanol on the Pt(100) Surface
  Zhuo Wang,Er-jun Kan and Jin-long Yang*
  Abstract(2061)  View PDF(1557)   [HTML]