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Predissociation of the b3Πg(v=9) State of He2 Excimer
  Chuan-liang Li,Chuan-liang Li,Jun-li Zhang,Xiao-hua Yang and Yang-qin Chen*
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Photodissociation of HOD via the Ĉ1B1 State: OD/OH Branching Ratio and OD Bond Dissociation Energy
  Li-na Cheng,Yuan Cheng,Kai-jun Yuan*,Qing Guo,Tao Wang,Dong-xu Dai and Xue-ming Yang*
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First Principles Study on the 4f-5d Transition of Ce3+ in LuAlO3
  Zhen-xing Fang,Li-xin Ning* and Zhi-feng Cui
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Asymmetry in the Strong-field Photodetachment of H- by Linearly Polarized Few-cycle Pulses
  Li-hua Bai*,Yu-heng Liu,Ting-ting Cui,Yan Wang and Hui-fang Zhang
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Temperature Dependence of Atmospheric NO3 Loss Frequency
  Su-wen Li*,Pin-hua Xie,De-bao Chen,En-hua Jiang and Xu-de Wang
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TR-ESR Investigation on Reaction of Vitamin C with Excited Triplet of 9,10-phenanthrenequinone in Reversed Micelle Solutions
  Xin-sheng Xu*,Lei Shi,Yi Liu,Xue-han Ji and Zhi-feng Cui
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First Principles Study of Half-metallic Properties at MnSb/GaSb(001) Interface
  Elmira Sartipi*,Alireza Hojabri,Arash Bouchani and Mohammad Homayion Shakib
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Dielectric Confinement Effect on Calculating the Band Gap of PbSe Quantum Dots
  Wen-chao Cheng,Tie-qiang Zhang and Yu Zhang*
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Theoretical Investigations of the Local Structure Distortion and EPR Parameter for Ni2+-doped Perovskite Fluorides
  Xi-min Cao,Xiao-yu Kuang*,Cheng-gang Li and Rui-peng Chai
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DFT Study on Molecular Structures and ROS Scavenging Mechanisms of Novel Antioxidants from Lespedeza Virgata
  Min-jie Li*,Liang-miao Zhang,Wei-xia Liu and Wen-cong Lu
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Effects of Size and Microstructures on Infrared Spectra of Pyrolusites
  Ruo-yu Cai,Wen-lou Wang*,Heng Jiang,Lei Shi,Bo He and Shi-qiang Wei
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First Principles Study of Electronic Structure and Half-metallicity of Molecule-based Ferromagnet Cr[N(CN)2]2
  Hai-ming Huang*,Shi-jun Luo,Guo-ying Liu and Kai-lun Yao
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Theoretical Study on Electronic Transport Properties of Oligothiophene Molecular Devices
  Zong-liang Li*
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Molecular Dynamics Study of RDX/AMMO Propellant
  Miao-miao Li*,Feng-sheng Li and Rui-qi Shen
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Synthesis of Multishell Carbon Nanotube Composites via Template Method
  Wen-bo Li,Dong-yuan Zhai,Li-jia Pan*,Lin Pu,Jian-bin Xu and Yi Shi*
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Hydrogen Production by Low-temperature Steam Reforming of Bio-oil over Ni/HZSM-5 Catalyst
  Song-bai Qiu,Lu Gong,Lu Liu,Cheng-gui Hong,Li-xia Yuan and Quan-xin Li*
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Electron Attachment Studies for CHCl3 Using Ion Mobility Spectrometry
  Hai-yan Han*,Hong-tao Feng,Hu Li,Hong-mei Wang,Hai-he Jiang and Yan-nan Chu
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Preparation and Characterization of Electrodeposited-Annealed CuInSe2 Thin Films for Solar Cells
  Zhong-wei Zhang,Hong-yan Guo,Ji Li and Chang-fei Zhu*
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Modeling Study of Hydrogen/Oxygen and n-alkane/Oxygen Counterflow Diffusion Flames
  Xiao-wei Wang,Guo-biao Cai* and Vigor Yang
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A Colorimetric Receptor Based on Schiff-Base Bearing Azo-Phenolic Hydroxy Group
  Ge Liu* and Jie Shao
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Water-promoted One-step Anodic Acetoxylation of Benzene to Phenyl Acetate with High Selectivity
  Juan Pei,Song Qin,Gui-ying Li and Chang-wei Hu*
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