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Transitional Process of Ploy(N-isopropylacrylamide) in Deuterated Solution
  Shao-hua Zhang,Yang Chen*,Heng Li and Yu-xiang Weng
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Phase Behavior of Liquid Crystals Formed in [C12mim]Cl/H2O and [C12mim]Cl/Alcohols Systems
  Mei-shan Pei,Zhi-yan Wu,Lu-yan Wang*,Xin-zhou Wu and Xu-tang Tao*
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Simulation Study on the Structure and Dynamics of Water in Sodium Tetrafluoroborate/Water
  Guo-cai Tian*,Jian Li and Yi-xin Hua
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Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Temperature-dependent Flexibility of Thermophilic Xylose Isomerase
  Wei Xu,Ping Cai,Ming Yan,Lin Xu and Ping-kai Ouyang
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Molecular Modeling and Design of Arylthioindole Derivatives as Tubulin Inhibitors
  Si-yan Liao,Ti-fang Miao,Jin-can Chen,Hai-liang Lu and Kang-cheng Zheng*
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Continuum Model for Electronic Polarization Based on a Novel Dielectric Response Function
  Quan-de Wang,Han-yu Wu,Ke-xiang Fu and Xiang-yuan Li*
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Density Functional Theory Study on Organic Dye Sensitizers Containing Bis-dimethylfluorenyl Amino Benzofuran
  Cai-rong Zhang*,Zi-jiang Liu,Yu-hong Chen,Jun Ma,Hong-shan Chen and Mei-ling Zhang
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First-principles Band Structures Calculation of Tin-phthalocyanine
  Yan-ting Yang*,Fu-gen Wu and Zhi-gang Wei
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Efficient Stochastic Simulation Algorithm for Chemically Reacting Systems Based on Support Vector Regression
  Xin-jun Peng* and Yi-fei Wang
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Structures and Hydrogen Bonding Interactions in Urea-water System Studied by All-atom MD Simulation and Chemical Shifts in NMR Spectrum
  Rong Zhang*,Guan-sheng Zhao and Wen-juan Wu
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Hydrogen Bonding Character Between the Glycine and BF4-
  Qin He*,Jing Yang and Xiang-jun Meng
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Quasi-classical Trajectory Study of the Intramolecular Isotope Effect in the Reaction O(3P)+H2/HD
  Qiang Wei*,Xing Li and Tie Li
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Transition Dipole,Charge Transfer,and Electron-hole Coherence in Two-photon Absorption: Visualizations with Two Dimensional Site and Three Dimensional Cube Representations
  Yuan-zuo Li,Wen-qin Zhang,Xiao-hong Zhao,Feng-cai Ma and Mao-du Chen*
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Radiation Vulcanization of Magnetorheological Elastomers Based on Silicone Rubber
  Wei Zhang,Xing-long Gong*,Jian-feng Li,Hong Zhu and Wan-quan Jiang
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Using PVP/SDS Complex as a Probe to Study the Inclusion Complex of β-cyclodextrin with SDS in Aqueous Solution
  Xiao-ming Chen,Hai-yang Yang* and Ping-sheng He
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Analysis and Verification on the Chain-like Model with Normal Distribution of Magnetorheological Elastomer
  Miao Yu,Yong-qiang Xia and Xiao-rui Yan
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Chinese Abstracts
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