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Melting Behaviour of Shell-symmetric Aluminum Nanoparticles: Molecular Dynamics Simulation
  Kun-jie Li,Shi-ping Huang*,Wei-xia Tu,Ji-qin Zhu and Hui Liu
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Competition Between Two Excitation-dissociation Channels for Molecular Ions
  Li-kun Lai,Li-min Zhang*,Mao-ping Yang and Dan-na Zhou
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Selective Alignment of D2 Induced by Two Ultrashort Laser Pulses
  Zeng-qiang Yang*,Zhi-rong Guo and Gui-xian Ge
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Theoretical Study of the C-Cl Bond Dissociation Enthalpy and Electronic Structure of Substituted Chlorobenzene Compounds
  Rui-zhou Zhang,Xiao-hong Lia* and Xian-zhou Zhang
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Influences of Li Intercalation on the Electronic Structures of O2p and V3d Orbitals in α-V2O5
  Zhi-yang Li,Xiu-zhu Lin and Qi-hui Wu*
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Theoretical Calculations of Transition Probabilities and Oscillator Strengths for Sc(III) and Y(III)
  Tian-yi Zhang and Neng-wu Zheng*
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Repeat Sequences and Base Correlations in Human Y ChromosomePalindromes
  Neng-zhi Jin,Zi-xian Liu,Yan-jiao Qi and Wen-yuan Qiu*
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Analytical Dielectric Spectrum Formula Based on Representative Frequencies
  Bo Kong,Ke-xiang Fu,Min-hua Shan and Xiang-yuan Li*
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Visualization of Metal-to-Ligand and Ligand-to-Ligand Charge Transfer in Metal-Ligand Complexes
  Yong Ding*,Jian-xiu Guo,Xiang-si Wang,Sha-sha Liu and Feng-cai Ma
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X-ray and DFT Study of Glaucocalyxin A Compound with Cytotoxic Activity
  Fu-dong Wang,Tao Wang,An-an Wu,Lan Ding and Han-qing Wang*
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3D-QSAR Study of 7,8-Dialkyl-1,3-diaminopyrrolo-[3,2-f] Quinazolines with Anticancer Activity as DHFR Inhibitors
  Jin-can Chen,Lan-mei Chen,Si-yan Liao,Li Qian and Kang-cheng Zheng*
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Effect of Hydrogen Addition on Methane HCCI Engine Ignition Timing and Emissions Using a Multi-zone Model
  Zi-han Wang,Chun-mei Wang*,Hua-xin Tang,Cheng-ji Zuo and Hong-ming Xu
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C-S Activation of CS2 by Nb+ in Gas Phase
  Xiao-li Song and Li-guo Gao*
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Non-additivity of Methyl Group in the Single-electron Lithium Bond of H3C…… Li-H Complex
  Zhi-feng Li*,Xiao-ning Shi,Yan-zhi Liu,Hui-an Tang and Jun-yan Zhang*
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Molecular Dynamics Simulations for Melting Temperatures of SrF2 and BaF2
  Xiao-yu Huang,Xin-lu Cheng*,Chao-lei Fan,Qiong Chen and Xiao-li Yuan
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The Initial Reactions of H3PO4 and NaH2PO4Supported on Silica: A Joint Experimental and Theoretical Study
  Zhi-qiang Zhang,Yi-xin Qu,Shui Wang and Ji-dong Wang*
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Superacid Catalyst SO42-/ZrO2-La2O3 Prepared by Ultrasonic Co-precipitation and Low Temperature Aging
  Tong-yun Chen,Xiang-feng Chua* and Ke-liang Hu
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Preparation of Manganese Oxide Hollow Spheres Using pH-responsive Microgels as Templates
  Wei Zhang and Zhi-cheng Zhang*
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Research on Raman-scattering and Fabrication of Multilayer Thin Film with Different Structures and Components Based on Pt/Ti/Si3N4/SiO2/Si Substrate
  Qiu-lin Tan*,Wen-dong Zhang,Chen-yang Xue,Jun Liu,Jun-hong Li and Ji-jun Xiong
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