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Formation and Characterization of ZrO3 and HfO3 Molecules in Solid Argon
  Yu Gong and Ming-fei Zhou *
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One and Two Photon Excitation of Radiofrequency Trapped Ca+
  C. Champenois,D. Guyomarc'h,G. Hagel,M. Houssin,M. Knoop * and C. Zumsteg
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Advantages and Drawbacks of Quantum Mechanical Static and Dynamic Approaches to Modelling Infrared Spectra
  Claude Pouchan * and Philippe Carbonniere *
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Photoionization and Dissociative Photoionization Study of Cholesterol by IR Laser Desorption/Tunable Synchrotron VUV Photoionization Mass Spectrometr
  Yang Pan,Li-dong Zhang,Hui-jun Guo,Hao Yin and Fei Qi *
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Time-Resolved FTIR Study on the Reaction of CHCl2 with NO2
  Kun-hui Liu,Chun-fan Yang,Huan Wang,Wei-qiang Wu and Hong-mei Su *
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First Principles Study on FeAs Single Layers
  Jun Dai,Zhen-yu Li and Jin-long Yang *
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Theoretical Study of 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition of Hydrazoic Acid to Substituted Ynamines
  Xiao-fang Chen,Kun Yang and Ke-li Han *
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Broadband Vibrational Cooling of Cold Cesium Molecules: Theory and Experiments
  D. Sofikitis,A. Fioretti *,S. Weber,M. Viteau,A. Chotia,R. Horchani,M. Allegrini,B. Chatel,D. Comparat and P. Pillet *
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Laser Induced Fluorescence Spectroscopy of IrN
  H. F. Pang and A. S. C. Cheung *
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Delayed Ionization and Delayed Detachment in Molecules and Clusters
  F. Lépine,B. Baguenard,B. Concina,M. A. Lebeault and C. Bordas *
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Molecular Frame Photoemission: Probe of the Photoionization Dynamics for Molecules in the Gas Phase
  D. Dowek *,Y. J. Picard,P. Billaud,C. Elkharrat and J. C. Houver
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Multiple Ionic-Covalent Couplings in Molecules and Clusters
  Gwang-Hi Jeung *
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UV Photodissociation Dynamics of Nitric Acid: The Hydroxyl Elimination Channel
  Feng-yan Wang,Zhi-chao Chen,Yong-wei Zhang,Quan Shuai,Bo Jiang,Dong-xu Dai,Xiu-yan Wang and Xue-ming Yang *
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Absolute Orientation of Molecules with Competing Hydrophilic Head Groups at the Air/Water Interface Probed with Sum Frequency Generation Vibrational Spectroscopy
  Feng Wang,Zhi Huang,Zhi-feng Cui * and Hong-fei Wang *
  Abstract(1703)  View PDF(965)   [HTML]
Identification of Intermediates in Pyridine Pyrolysis with Molecular-beam Mass Spectrometry and Tunable Synchrotron VUV Photoionization
  Xin Hong,Tai-chang Zhang,Li-dong Zhang and Fei Qi *
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Gaussian Weighted Trajectory Method. IV. No Rainbow Effect in Practice
  L. Bonnet *
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