Volume 22,Issue 1,2009 Table of Contents

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Fragmentation of N2 in 410 nm Intense Femtosecond Laser Field
  Wei Guo,Jing-yi Zhu,Yan-qiu Wang and Li Wang
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First-principles Study of Electron Transport Through Oligoacenes
  Zhen Pan,Qun-xiang Li *,Qin-wei Shi and Xiao-ping Wang
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Λ-related Quantum Interference of 2∏[Case(a)] Diatom on Rotational Energy Transfer
  Jian Li,Yan-qing Ni,Yong-qing Li,Wei-li Wang and Feng-cai Ma *
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Neural Network Based on Quantum Chemistry for Predicting Melting Point of Organic Compounds
  Juan A Lazzús
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Frequency and Correlation of Nearest Neighboring Nucleotides in Human Genome
  Neng-zhi Jin,Zi-xian Liu and Wen-yuan Qiu *
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Effects of Current on Microcosmic Properties of Catalyst and Reforming of Bio-oil
  Li-xia Yuan,Tong-qi Ye,Fei-yan Gong and Quan-xin Li *
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Influence of Gravity on Structure of Colloidal Crystal Using Simulated Microgravity
  Lei Liu,Jie Wang,Sheng-hua Xu,Zhi-wei Sun * and Jing-tong Wang
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Non-linear Viscoelastic Rheological Properties of PCC/PEG Suspensions
  Hai-lin Yang,Jian-ming Ruan *,Jian-peng Zou,Qiu-mei Wu,Zhong-cheng Zhou and Yuan-yan Xie
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EPR and DFT Study of the Polycyclic Aromatic Radical Cations from Friedel-Crafts Alkylation Reactions
  Tao Wang,An-an Wu,Li-guo Gao and Han-qing Wang
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Theoretical Study on Dihydrogen Bonds of NH3BH3 with Several Small Molecules
  An-yong Li *,Li-fang Xu and Zhou Ling
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Geometry, Electronic Structure, and Related Properties of Dye Sensitizer:3,4-bis[1-(carboxymethyl)-3-indolyl]-1H-pyrrole-2,5-dione
  Cai-rong Zhang*,You-zhi Wu,Yu-hong Chen,Yu-tian Ding,Ding-jun Zhang and Hong-shan Chen
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Molecular Dynamics Investigation of Differences in Melting Behaviors of Cu57 and Cu58 Clusters
  Lin Zhang * and Hai-xia Sun
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Theoretical Study on the Stable Structures and Aromaticities for Pnictogen Dianionic Sb42-, Bi42-, and (SbBi)22- Clusters
  Xing-bao Wang and Xian-xing Chi *
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Fe48Co52 Alloy Nanowire Arrays: Effects of Magnetic Field Annealing
  Hai-lin Su *,Shao-long Tang*,Rui-long Wang,Yi-qing Chen,Chong Jia and You-wei Du
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Ab initio Study of the Potential Energy Surface and Product Branching Ratios for Reaction of O(1D) with C2H5Cl
  Chong-fu Song *,Zhi-mei Tian,Quan-xin Li and Tian-jing He
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Pulsed Laser Deposition ZnS Buffer Layers for CIGS Solar Cells
  Pai-feng Luo,Guo-shun Jiang and Chang-fei Zhu *
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Growth Kinetics of Silicon Carbide Film Prepared by HeatingPolystyrene/Si(111)
  Jian-wen Wang,Yu-xia Wang *,Zheng Chen and You-ming Zou
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Negative Corona Discharge Ion Source Under Ambient Conditions with Mini Line-cylinder Electrodes
  Kun Liu,Fei Tang *,Xiao-hao Wang,Liang Zhang and Xue-ye Wei
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Chinese Abstracts
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