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F2 Σ+ -X 2Σ +Band System of Cobalt Carbide
  Jing-ru Guo,Zhao-xia Zhang,Ting-ting Wang,Cong-xiang Chen and Yang Chen *
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Spectral Characteristics of White Organic Light-emitting Diodes Based on Novel Phosphorescent Sensitizer
  Xiao-qing Tang,Jun-sheng Yu *,Lu Li,Wen Wen and Ya-dong Jiang
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Electron Momentum Spectroscopy of Ethanethiol Complete Valence Shell
  Xin-xia Xue,Mi Yan,Fang Wu,Xu Shan,Ke-zun Xu and Xiang-jun Chen*
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System Size Resonance Associated with Canard Phenomenon in a Biological Cell System
  Juan Ma,Hong-ying Li,Zhong-huai Hou* and Hou-wen Xin
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Substituent Effect on Infrared Spectra and Thermodynamic Properties of Polynitroamino Substituted Cyclopentane and Cyclohexane
  Ling Qi,Xue-dong Gong and He-ming Xiao*
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Density Functional Theory Study of Infrared and Ultraviolet Spectra of Urea L-Malic Acid
  Yan-lan Zhang,Hong-yan Wang*,Dong-sheng Jiao and Yong-hong Hu
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Ab initio Study on Structures and Isomerization of Magnesium Fluorosilylenoid H2SiFMgF
  Yi-jian Zhang,Mei-jiang Li,Guo-qiao Lai,Da-cheng Feng and Sheng-yu Feng*
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Theoretical Study of the AlEt3-Promoted Tandem Reductive Rearrangement of Epoxides
  Li-dong Zhang*,Hui-jun Guo,Yang Pan and Fei Qi*
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Translocation of Polymer Chains Through a Channel with Complex Geometries
  Zhi-yong Yang,Lin-xi Zhang* and Jun Cheng
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Theoretical Studies on the Structure and Spectrum of Imidazole-Chloranil Charge Transfer Complex
  Hai-long Wang,Tong-tong Lu,Tian-jing He and Dong-ming Chen*
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Thermodynamic Calculation on the Formation of Titanium Hydride
  Jing-wei Zhao*,Hua Ding,Xue-feng Tian,Wen-juan Zhao and Hong-liang Hou
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Elimination of Anti-spiral Waves by Local Inhomogeneity in Oscillatory Systems
  Fu-cheng Liu* and Xiao-fei Wang
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Damping of Magnetorheological Elastomers
  Lin Chen,Xing-long Gong* and Wei-hua Li
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Chloride Assisted Growth of Aluminum Nitride Nanobelts and Their Enhanced Dielectric Responses
  Ting Xie*,Min Ye,Zhi Jiang,Yong Qin,Yu-cheng Wu,Guo-wen Meng and Li-de Zhang
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Influence of Chemical Effect on the Kβ/Kα Intensity Ratios and KβEnergy Shift of Co, Ni, Cu, and Zn Complexes
  G.Apaydina,V.AylikCia*,Z.Biyiklioglu,E.Tirasoglu and H.Kantekinb
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Mesoporous Silica Materials Synthesized via Sol-Gel Methods Modified with Ionic Liquid and Surfactant Molecules
  Cun-ying Xu*,Ru-lan Tang,Yi-xin Hua and Peng-xiang Zhang
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