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Resonance-Enhanced Photon Excitation Spectroscopy of the Even-Parity Autoionizing Rydberg States of Xe
  Chun-yan Li,Ting-ting Wang,Jun-feng Zhen,Qun Zhang and Yang Chen *
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Rate Constants for Reaction Between Hydroxyl Radical and Dimethyl Sulfide Under Real Atmospheric Condition
  Ting-ting Wang,Chang-jiang Hu,Yu-jing Mu? and Yu-jie Zhang
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High-resolution Absorption Spectra of Acetylene in 142.8-152.3 nm
  Ya-hua Hu,Chen Zhen,Jing-hua Dai,Xiao-guo Zhou* and Shi-lin Liu
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Dynamic Alignment of D2 Enhanced by Two Few-cycle Pulses
  Zeng-qiang Yang*,Zhi-rong Guo,Bao-xiang Yin and Mao-zhu Sun
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Study on Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry Excited by Synchrotron Radiation
  Jia-jia Guo a,Wu-er Gan a,Guo-bin Zhang b and Qing-de Su a*
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Effect of Water Vapor Absorption on Measurements of Atmospheric Nitrate Radical by LP-DOAS
  Su-wen Li a*,Wen-qing Liu b,Pin-hua Xie b,Yi-jun Yang a,De-bao Chen a and Zheng Li a
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Theoretical Studies on the Fe-M Interactions and 31P NMR in Fe(CO)3(EtPhPpy)2MX2 (X=NCS, SCN, Cl; M=Zn, Cd, Hg)
  Xiao-xuan Huang,Xuan Xu* and Mei-xiang Xie
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Adsorption Behavior of CH2 and CH3 on Metal Clusters Cun (n=1-6)
  Xi-hui Cheng,Ming-xing Jin,Zhan Hu,Fei-fei Hu and Da-jun Ding*
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Dissipative Particle Dynamics Simulations of Domain Growth and Phase Separation in Binary Immiscible Fluids
  Ying Zhao,Hong Liu,Zhong-yuan Lu* and Chia-chung Sun
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Collision-induced Rotational Energy Transfer in an Atom-Diatom System
  Yan-qing Ni a,Jian Li b and Feng-cai Ma a*
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Elastic Behavior of Polymer Chains
  Teng Lu,Tao Chen and Hao-jun Liang*
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Preparation and Unimolecular-Micellization Behavior of Homopolymer of Surface-Active Monomer AMC14AB
  Kang-kai Liu a* and Lei Li b
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High Temperature Seedless Synthesis of Au NRs Using BDAC/CTAB Co-surfactant
  Min Li,Lai Wei,Xian Zhang and Xue-feng Yu *
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Glow Discharge Plasma-Assisted Preparation of Nickel-Based Catalyst for Carbon Dioxide Reforming of Methane
  Fang Guo a,Wei Chu a*,Jun-qiang Xu b and Lin Zhong a
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Photocatalysts of Cr Doped TiO2 Film Prepared by Micro Arc Oxidation
  Li Wan a,Jian-feng Li a,Jia-you Feng a*,Wei Sun b and Zong-qiang Mao b
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Photo-induced Alignment Behavior of Azobenzene-containing Polymer Films with Different Cross-linking Degree
  Jing Shen a,Jin-tang Huang b,Yan-hua Luo a,Qi-jin Zhang a* and Ke-yi Wang b
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Nondoped-type White Organic Light-Emitting Diode Using Star-Shaped Hexafluorenylbenzene as an Energy Transfer Layer
  Jun-sheng Yu a*,Tao Ma a,Shuang-ling Lou a,Ya-dong Jiang a and Qing Zhang b*
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