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  Abstract(909)  View PDF(1118)   [HTML]
Photodissociation Dynamics of Methanol and Ethanol at 157 nm
  Kai-jun Yuan,Yuan Cheng,Feng-yan Wang and Xue-ming Yang*
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Analysis of the LIF Spectroscopy of Nickel Hydride in 19000-21400 cm-1
  Jing-ru Guo,Ting-ting Wang,Zhao-xia Zhang,Cong-xiang Chen and Yang Chen
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Vibrational Spectra and Adsorption of Trisiloxane Superspreading Surfactant at Air/Water Interface Studied with Sum Frequency Generation Vibrational Spectroscopy
  Jun Feng,Dan Wu,Jia Wen,Shi-lin Liu and Hong-fei Wang*
  Abstract(1556)  View PDF(1259)   [HTML]
Theoretical Studies on the Kinetics and Mechanisms of Reactions for Methyl Vinyl Ether and Ozone
  Bo Long,Ming-qiang Huang,Zhen-ya Wang and Wei-jun Zhang*
  Abstract(1441)  View PDF(1046)   [HTML]
Defect Characterization of 6H-SiC Studied by Slow Positron Beam
  Hai-yun Wang*,Hui-min Weng and Xian-yi Zhou
  Abstract(1571)  View PDF(1212)   [HTML]
Coherent Resonance for Rate Oscillations During CO Oxidation on Pt(110) Surfaces: Interplay Between Internal and External Noise
  Juan Ma,Zhong-huai Hou* and Hou-wen Xin
  Abstract(1289)  View PDF(1288)   [HTML]
Hydrolysis of New Transplatin Analogue Containing One Aliphatic and One Planar Heterocyclic Amine Ligand: A Density Functional Theory Study
  Yan Gao and Li-xin Zhou*
  Abstract(1339)  View PDF(1315)   [HTML]
Analysis of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Using a Chemical Bond Element Model
  Ji-nan Lu and Hai-bo Chen*
  Abstract(1479)  View PDF(1298)   [HTML]
Expressions for Entropy Production Rate of Fuel Cells
  Tong-ling Lin,Ying-ru Zhao and Jin-can Chen*
  Abstract(1377)  View PDF(1320)   [HTML]
DFT Study on the Structure and Racemization Mechanism of 1,1'-Binaphthalene-8,8'-diol
  Liang-guo Da,Tong-tong Lu,Mei Xiang,,Tian-jing He and Dong-ming Chen*
  Abstract(1848)  View PDF(1403)   [HTML]
Synthesis and Luminescent Properties of Nano-scale Y2Si2O7:Re3+ (Re=Eu, Tb) Phosphors via Sol-Gel Method
  Yong Li,Bao-gui You,Wei Zhao,Wei-ping Zhang and Min Yin*
  Abstract(1586)  View PDF(1675)   [HTML]
Effect of Cation Proportion on the Structural and Magnetic Properties of Ni-Zn Ferrites Nano-Size Particles Prepared By Co-Precipitation Technique
  Santosh S. Jadhav*,Sagar E. Shirsath,B. G. Toksha,S. J. Shukla and K. M. Jadhav
  Abstract(1432)  View PDF(1307)   [HTML]
Formation of [3]Pseudorotaxanes from β-cyclodextrin and a Series of Dicarboxylic Acids with Their Corresponding α,ω-alkanedicarboxylate Anions
  Jian-gang Gao,Yu-jie Ding,Hong-wei Chen,Qing-ping Song and Qi-jin Zhang*
  Abstract(1494)  View PDF(1268)   [HTML]
Low-temperature Catalytic Reduction of Nitrogen Monoxide with Carbon Monoxide on Copper Iron and Copper Cobalt Composite Oxides
  Jun-sheng Shu,Wen-shui Xia*,You-jin Zhang,Tao Cheng and Min-rui Gao
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  Editorial Staff of CJCP
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