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  Abstract(493)  View PDF(821)   [HTML]
High-Resolution Infrared-Vacuum Ultraviolet Photoion and Pulsed Field Ionization-Photoelectron Methods for Spectroscopic Studies of Neutrals and Cations
  Xi Xing,Beth Reed,Mi Kyung Bahng,Peng Wang,Hin Koo Woo,Sun Jong Baek,Chee Shing Lam and Cheuk Yiu Ng¤
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Effect of Atmospheric Interfering Absorption on Measurement of BTX by DOAS
  Fu-min Peng,Pin-hua Xie¤,Jun-de Wang,Hai-yang Li,Ying-hua Zhang,Fu-qi Si and Wen-qing Liu
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Internal Conversion Process of Chlorophyll a in Solvents in Femtosecond Pump-Probe Laser Fields
  Kai Niu,Li-qing Dong and Shu-lin Cong¤
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Interaction Between Cytochrome c and the Hapten 2,4-Dinitro-fluorobenzene by Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry
  Bo Wu,Yan-qiu Chu,Zhao-yun Dai and Chuan-fan Ding¤
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All-atom Molecular Dynamic Simulations and NMR Spectra Study on Intermolecular Interactionsof N,N-dimethylacetamide-Water System
  Rong Zhang¤,Zai-you Tan and San-lai Luo
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Spectroscopic Properties and Three-photon Absorption Induced Optical Limiting of Series of Novel Nonlinear Chromophores
  Fu-quan Guo¤,Xiao-lao Sun,Hao Liang,Zhi-yuan Hu,Qi-jin Zhang and Hai Ming
  Abstract(960)  View PDF(806)   [HTML]
Upconversion Luminescence of SrTiO3:Er3+ Ultrafine Powders Produced by 785 nm Laser
  Hai Guo¤,Yan-min Qiao,Ju-fang Zheng and Lei-hong Zhao
  Abstract(997)  View PDF(788)   [HTML]
Theoretical Study of Reaction Mechanism of 1-Propenyl Radical with NO
  Xue-li Cheng¤,Yan-yun Zhao,Feng Li and Ren-tao Wu
  Abstract(1087)  View PDF(738)   [HTML]
Theoretical Study on Reaction Mechanism of Aluminum-Water System
  Yun-lan Sun,Yan Tian and Shu-fen Li¤
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Correlation Between Energy Transfer Rate and Atomization Energy of Some Trinitro Aromatic Explosive Molecules
  Su-hong Ge¤,Xin-lu Cheng,Zheng-lai Liu,Xiang-dong Yang and Fang-fang Dong
  Abstract(787)  View PDF(734)   [HTML]
Theoretical Study of Haloacetonitrile Anions: CH2XCN- (X=F, Cl)
  Xin-wen Zhang,Mei Li and Shan-xi Tian¤
  Abstract(957)  View PDF(727)   [HTML]
Theoretical Studies on the Ground State and Excited State of 2,70-(Ethylene)-bis-8-hydroxyquinoline
  Hui-xue Li¤,Su-juan Pan,Xiao-feng Wang and Tai Xiao
  Abstract(1004)  View PDF(783)   [HTML]
Phase Transition and Oxygen Ion Diffusion in (La1-xLnx)2Mo2O9 (Ln=Nd, Gd, x=0.05-0.25) Using Dielectric Relaxation Method
  Qian-feng Fang¤,Zhong Zhuang,Xian-ping Wang,Dan Li and Jian-xin Wang
  Abstract(878)  View PDF(1208)   [HTML]
Factors Affecting Polymer Translocation Through a Nanopore in a Membrane
  Tao Chen,Teng Lu and Hao-jun Liang¤
  Abstract(859)  View PDF(680)   [HTML]
Monte Carlo Study on Spontaneous Recoil of Confined DNA Chain
  Yong-jun Xie,Hong-tao Yu,Hai-yang Yang¤,Yao Wang,Xing-yuan Zhang and Qin-wei Shi¤
  Abstract(944)  View PDF(770)   [HTML]
Mixed Conduction in BaCe0.8Pr0.2O3-α Ceramic
  Mao-yuan Wang and Li-gan Qiu¤
  Abstract(1107)  View PDF(960)   [HTML]
In situ Investigation on Layer-by-Layer Deposition of Polyelectrolytes by Quartz Crystal Microbalance
  Yun-feng Yan,Guang-ming Liu,Ye-cang Tang and Guang-zhao Zhang¤
  Abstract(886)  View PDF(824)   [HTML]
Grain Growth Kinetics of BaTiO3 Nanocrystals During Calcining Process
  Xiao-lan Song¤,Xi He,Hai-ping Yang,Yi-xin Qu and Guan-zhou Qiu
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