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Reminiscences of the Physical Chemistry Research that I Took Part in at Dalian in the Days from 1951 to 2000
  Cun-hao Zhang
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Pair-correlated dynamics of the Cl + CHD3(v1=1) reaction: Effects of probe laser frequency
  Ko-pin Liu and Shannon Yan
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Relabeling of the K2 Rydberg States
  Feng Xie,Dan Li and Li Li
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UV Photodissociation Dynamics of HN3 in 190-248 nm
  Jian-yang Zhang,Kai-jun Yuan,Yuan Chen,Steven A. Harich,Xiu-yan Wang,Xue-ming Yang* and Alec M. Wodtke
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Rotationally Resolved Vacuum Ultraviolet Pulsed Field Ionization-Photoelectron Vibrational Bands for H2+(X2§+g , v+=0-18)
  Chao Chang,Cheuk-Yiu Ng*,S. Stimson,M. Evans and C. W. Hsu
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Time-dependent Quantum Wave Packet Study of F+HCl and F+DCl Reactions
  Zhi-gang Sun,Soo Y. Lee and Dong-hui Zhang*
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Observation of a New 2§ Excited Electronic State of SF by Resonance-Enhanced Multiphoton Ionization Spectroscopy
  Xian-feng Zheng,Ting-ting Wang,Chun-yan Li,Yang Chen* and Jing-song Zhang
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Near-UV Photodissociation Dynamics of Thiomethoxy Radical via eA2A1 State: H-atom Product Channe
  Xian-feng Zheng,Yu Song,Jing-ze Wu and Jing-song Zhang*
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Reaction of CH2Cl with O2
  Hai-tao Ma,Cong-yun Shi,Wen-sheng Bian,Hong-mei Su and Fan-ao Kong*
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Photofragment Imaging of HNCO Decomposition at 210 nm: the Primary NH(a1¢)+CO(X1§+) Channel
  Hua Wang,Shi-lin Liu*,Jie Liu,Feng-yan Wang,Bo Jiang and Xue-ming Yang*
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Photoinduced Electron and H-atom Transfer Reactions of Xanthone by Laser Flash Photolysis
  Jin-ting Wang,Yang Pan,Li-min Zhang and Shu-qin Yu*
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Photodissociation Dynamics of Nitromethane and Nitroethane at 266 nm
  Xian-fang Yue,Ju-long Sun,Qiang Wei,Hong-ming Yin and Ke-li Han*
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Experimental Study of C2Cl3+NO2 Reaction
  Tian-cheng Xiang,Kun-hui Liu and Hong-mei Su*
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Reaction of Cationic Vanadium Oxide Clusters with Ethylene in a Flow Tube Reactor
  Wei-gang Wang,Zhe-chen Wang,Shi Yin,Sheng-gui He* and Mao-fa Ge*
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Predissociation Dynamics of B State of Methyl Iodide with Femtosecond Pump-probe Technique
  Zheng-rong Wei,Feng Zhang,Yan-mei Wang and Bing Zhang*
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Identiˉcation and Chemistry of Phenylnitrene in Premixed Pyridine/Oxygen/Argon Flame with Tunable Synchrotron Photoionization
  Zhen-yu Tian,Tao Yuan,Jing Wang,Yu-yang Li,Tai-chang Zhang,Ai-guo Zhu and Fei Qi*
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A Non-derivative MFCC Optimization Study of Cyclohexapeptide Monohydrate
  Xi-hua Chen and John Z. Zhang*
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Electron Transfer Theory Revisit: Motional Narrowing Induced Non-Markovian Rate Processes
  Ying Chen,Rui-xue Xu,Hong-wei Ke and Yi-jing Yan*
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Mode of Myosin Transportation in Living Cells Studied by Single Particle Tracking
  Zhang-yi Liang,Ning Xu,Ying-hua Guan,You-yi Zhang and Xin-sheng Zhao
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Experimental Observables and Macroscopic Susceptibility/Microscopic Polarizability Tensors for Third and Fourth-Order Nonlinear Spectroscopy of Ordered Molecular System
  Yuan Wang,Zhi-feng Cui* and Hong-fei Wang*
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Intermolecular Hydrogen Bonds Formed Between Amino Acid Molecules in Aqueous Solution Investigated by Temperature-jump NanosecondTime-resolved Transient Mid-IR Spectroscopy
  Man-ping Ye,Heng Li,Qing-li Zhang,Yu-xiang Weng* and Xiang-gang Qiu
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Characterizing and Manipulating Individual Molecules by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
  Bin Li and J. G. Hou
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Anharmonic C?H and C=O Interactions in Peptide and Sugar
  Jian-ping Wang*
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Kinetics of Photogenerated Electrons Involved in Photocatalytic Reaction of Methanol on Pt/TiO2
  Tao Chen,Guo-peng Wu,Zhao-chi Feng,Jian-ying Shi,Gui-jun Ma,Pin-liang Ying and Can Li*
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Quantum Dot Based on Z-shaped Graphene Nanoribbon: A First-principles Study
  Ren Hao,Li Qunxiang,Shi Qinwei and Yang Jinlong
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Tunable Photoluminescence of CdTe Nanocrystals over Wide Spectral Range via Microwave-assisted Surface Modiˉcation
  Bin Liu,Jun Li and Jing-hong Li*
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Spectroscopic Characteristics of Hyperbranched Conjugated Polymers Studied by One- and Two-Photon Excitations
  Zhi Yang,Na Li,An-dong Xia*,Qing-guo He,Hong-zhen Lin and Feng-lian Bai
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