Volume 19,Issue 4,2006 Table of Contents

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Theoretical Studies on the Dynamics of the Fluorine Atom Reaction with trans-1,3-butadiene
  Hui Song,Xiu-yan Wang and Xue-ming Yang*
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A Modiˉed Molecular Structural Mechanics Method for Analysis of Carbon Nanotubes
  Ming-yuan Huang,Hai-bo Chen*,Ji-nan Lu,Pin Lu and Pei-qiang Zhang
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Micro-structure of PECVD Diamond Films by Slow Positron Beam
  Yan Xu,Hui-min Weng*,Bang-jiao Ye,Hai-yang Zhou,Hai-yun Wang,Cheng-xiao Peng,Chuan-ying Xi,Bin Cheng,Xian-yi Zhou and Rong-dian Han
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Atomic Simulation of Structure and Deformation's In°uence on Mechanical Properties of Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes
  Xiang-gui Ni*,Yu Wang,Zhong Zhang and Xiu-xi Wang
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UV and IR Studies on Heterofullerene C76BN
  Shi Wu and Qi-wen Teng*
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A Possible Form of NNS Distribution for Degenerate Spectra
  Chang-ming Xiao*,Nan-rong Zhao and Jiu-li Luo
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Simulation of the Melting Behavior of MgSiO3 Perovskite Under Lower Mantle Conditions
  Zi-jiang Liu,Xiao-wei Sun,Xiang-dong Yang*,Xin-lu Cheng and Yun-dong Guo
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Molecular Dynamics Simulation of MgO Melting at High Pressure
  Shou-yi Li*,Zheng-lai Liu,Ya-gong Nan and Zhi-rong Zhang
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How to Extend the Bridge Density Functional Approximation to the Conˉned Non-hard Sphere Fluid
  Shi-qi Zhou
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Electromotive Force for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Using Biomass Produced Gas as Fuel
  Wei Zhu,Yan-hong Yin,Cen Gao,Chang-rong Xia* and Guang-yao Meng
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Photoinduced Electron Transfer Between Mono-6-p-nitrobenzoyl-ˉ-cyclodextrin and Adamantanamine-Cn-Co/Ni- porphyrins
  Guo-tao Wen,Man-zhou Zhu*,Hui-yuan Hu,Xiang-ming Meng,Zhuo Wang and Qing-xiang Guo*
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Synthesis and Morphological Evolution of CuGaS2 Nanostructures via a Polyol Method
  Qiang-chun Liu and Kai-bin Tang*
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Hydrous Ruthenium Oxide with High Rate Pseudo-Capacitance Prepared by a New Sol-Gel Process
  Xiao-feng Wang*,Zheng You and Dian-bo Ruan
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Ionic Conduction and Fuel Cell Performance of Ba0.97Ce0.8Ho0.2O3-α Ceramic
  Li-gan Qiu
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Ordered Arrangement of Micro-beads in Single Line by Micromolding in Capillaries
  Heng Li,Jian-hua Zhu,Jin-xia Shi and Ping-sheng He*
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Effect of Ammonia Thermal Treatment on the Structure and Activity of Titanium Oxide Photocatalysts
  Yu-chao Tang,Xian-huai Huang,Han-qing Yu* and Chun Hu
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Growth and Stabilization of Silver Nanoplates in Aqueous Solvent Monitored Through UV-Vis Spectra
  Xue-lin Tian,Wei-hua Wang,Kai Chen and Geng-yu Cao*
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Preparation and Electrical Properties of (Ca, Mn)-codoped Ba1-xSrxTiO3 Solid Solution
  Jun-sheng Liu* and Guang-neng Fan
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