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  Xue-Ming Yang(Editor_in_chief)
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Accurate ab initio Predictions of Ionization Energies and Heats of Formation for Cyclopropenylidene, Propargylene and Propadienylidene
  K. C. Liu and C. Y. Ng*
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Velocity Map Ion-imaging Study on Ketene Photodissociation at 218 nm
  Jie Liu,Feng-yan Wang,Hua Wang,Bo Jiang and Xue-ming Yang*
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Transient Absorption of the Chlorophyll a in Ethanol
  Ying Shi,Y. J. Shiu,Charlene Su,S. H. Lin and Ke-li Han*
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New Observation of Na2 43Σ+g State by Pulsed Perturbation Facilitated Optical-Optical Double Resonance Spectroscopy
  Zheng Chen,Cheng-zhe Cui,Yao-ming Liu,Li Li*,V. B. Sovkov and V. S. Ivanov
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Coupling Among CH Stretching, Bending and Rocking Vibrational Modes in CH2Cl2
  Qing-hua Liu,Xiao-ning Li,Lu-yuan Hao*,Chuang Tan,Yin-gui Zhou,Ping Chen and Huai Zhu
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Orientation and Motion of Water Molecules at Air/Water Interface
  Wei Gan,Dan Wu,Zhen Zhang,Yuan Guo and Hong-fei Wang*
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VUV Photoionization Study of the Allyl Radical from Premixed Gasoline/Oxygen Flame
  Rui Yang,Bin Yang,Chao-qun Huang,Li-xia Wei,Jing Wang,Xiao-bin Shan,Liu-si Sheng,Yun-wu Zhang,Fei Qi*,Chun-de Yao,Qi Li and Qing Ji
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Computer Assisted Assignments of Rotationally Resolved Molecular Spectra
  Ling Wu,Li-juan Zheng,Xiao-hua Yang,Yu Liu and Yang-qin Chen*
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Algebraic Study of the Vibrational Levels and Potential Energy Surface of the Excited Electronic State (C1A') for S2O
  Xiao-yan Wang,Shi-liang Ding,Peng-cheng Wang*,Jin-dong Xie and Wei-gang Hong
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Viscoelastic Analysis of a Surface Acoustic Wave Gas Sensor Coated by a New Deposition Technique
  Wen Wang,Shi-tang He* and Yong Pan
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Theoretical Comparison of Oxygen Adsorption on Cu(100) Surface
  Wen-kai Chen,Chun-hai Lu,Zhan-hong Chen*,Yi Li and Jun-qian Li
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Quantum Chemistry Study on Local Structure and Properties of Amorphous Fe80P20 Alloy
  Zhi-gang Fang*,Hong-zhi Hu,Jing-xue Guo and Qiu-ju Li
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Simulated Equations of State of MgSiO3 Perovskite
  Zi-jiang Liu,Xin-lu Cheng,Fang-pei Zhang,Xiang-dong Yang* and Yuan Guo
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Theoretical Studies on Reaction Pathways of Samarium(Ⅱ) Carbenoid-Promoteded Cyclopropanation Reaction of Ethylene
  Zhi-yuan Geng*,Xing-hui Zhang,Yong-cheng Wang,Ran Fang,Li-guo Gao,Xiao-xia Chen and Cun-yuan Zhao
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Hydrogen Bonding-Mediated Assembly of Perelene Dianhydride and Pyridine Derivatives
  Shi Wu and Qi-wen Teng*
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Preparation of Well-aligned CNT Arrays Catalyzed with Porous Anodic Aluminum Oxide Template
  Xing Chen,Xing-jiu Huang,Jia-rui Huang,Zhong-ying Huang,Wei-hong Xu and Jin-huai Liu*
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One-pot Synthesis and Characterization of 13-Acetyl-9-methyl-11-oxo-8-oxa-10,12-diazatricyclo ['7] t rideca-2,4, 6-triene
  Hojatollah Salehi,Qian-rong Li* and Qing-xiang Guo
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Mechanism and Kinetics of Thermal Dissociation of Inclusion Complex of β-Cyclodextrin and 1-Methylcyclopropene
  Yi He and Ting Sun*
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