Volume 18,Issue 1,2005 Table of Contents

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Study on Sulfur Tolerance of Pd-Pt Catalyst Supported on Carbon Nanofibers for Hydrogenation of Naphthalene to Tetralin
  Tang Tiandi,Chen Jiuling and Li Yongdan
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Data Fit and Analysis for Pump-probe Experiment with Femtosecond Pulses Based on LabVIEW
  Li-wei Yuan,Li Wang and Ji-ling Bai
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Effect of Vibrational Angular Momentum on the Lifetime of CS21B2(1Σ)State
  Guo Ying,Xu Haifeng,Li Qifeng,Shi Yong,Dai Jinhua,Liu Shilin** and Ma Xingxiao
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Studies on Variable Cross Feedback Method of Chaos Control to PO Reaction
  Lü Ling**,Du Zeng and Luan Ling
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Influence of Random Long-range Connections on Ca2+ Signal Propagation in Coupled Cell Systems
  Zhang Jiqian,Hou Zhonghuai and Xin Houwen
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Investigation of Structures and Stabilities of AlmPn and AlmP(m+n=2~6)Clusters by DFT
  Guo Ling,Wu Haishun,Jia Wenhong and Jin Zhihao
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Comparison of Nonlinear Optical Properties of 1,3-substituted Squaraic Derivatives by ab initio and Semiempirical Method
  Wang Chuanming,Bei Fengli,Yang Xujie and Wang Xin
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Structures and Properties of Thymine-BH3Complex:DFT and MP2 Calculation
  Zhang Shiguo and Yang Pin
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Numerical Simulation on Buckling Behavior of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes under Compression
  Ni Xianggui,Wang Yu and Wang Xiuxi
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Static Polarizabilities of Cun,Agn and Aun(n≤9) Clusters
  Wang Hongyan*,Li Xibo,Tang Yongjian,Mao Huaping and Zhu Zhenghe
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Molecular Dynamics Simulation on Mechanical Properties of TATB/PCTFE Composite Material
  Ma Xiufang,Xiao Jijun,Yin Kailiang and Xiao Heming
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Density Function Theory Study on Thiophene Polymers(C4H4S)n(n=1~8)
  Pei Kemei,Li Yimin and Li Haiyang
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The Molecular Structure and Excited States for Dimethyl Siloxane under the Strong Electric Field
  Ma Meizhong,Xu Guoliang,Xie Andong,Chen Xiaojun,Zhang Yongbin and Zhu Zhenghe
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