Volume 15,Issue 3,2002 Table of Contents

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Control of Chemical Reaction in High-intensity Laser Field
  Sun Zhigang*,Cong Shulin and Lou Nanquan
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The Progress and Opportunities of the Quantum Coherent Controlling of Chemical Reactions
  Kong Fan'ao
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Quasiclassical Trajectory Simulation of the Chemical Reaction Ba+HF(v,J)→BaF(v′,J′)+H
  Zhang Xin,Xie Tingxian,Zhao Meiyu and Han Keli*
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Collisional Quantum Interference on Rotational Energy Transfer: Relationship between Interference Angle and Relative Velocity
  Sun Mengtao*,Tian Hongmei and Sha Guohe
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The Femtosecond Laser Photoionization and ab initio Calculation Studies of Pyridine Clusters
  Zhang Bailin,Mu Xiaolan,Wang Xiuyan* and Lou Nanquan
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Photodissociation of NO2 in the Second Absorption Band
  Li Yamin,Sun Julong,Yin Hongming,Han Keli* and He Guozhong
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A Theoretical Prediction of the Vibrational Spectra of Ar2H+
  Li Wei,Qu Junyan and Zhao Xinsheng*
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A Study of Pulsed Laser Deposited Amorphous Nickel-V2O5 Composite Film and its Electrochemical Properties
  Chu Yanqiu,Huang Feng and Qin Qizong*
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Theoretical Study of Detecting Photofragment Alignment Using Laser-Induced Fluorescence
  Cong Shulin*,Li Yamin,Yin Hongming,Sun Julong and Han Keli
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The Production and Dispersed Laser Induced Fluorescence Spectrum of Dibromocarbene in Gas Phase
  Zhang Xianyi,Kong Xianglei,Luo Xiaoling,Pei Kemei,Kan Ruifeng and Li Haiyang*
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Relabeling of the Rydberg and Doubly Excited States of Li2
  Song Min,Liu Yaoming and Li Li*
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Data Analysis for Pump-probe Experiment with Femtosecond Pulses
  Liu Hongping,Yin Shuhui,Zhang Jianyang,Jiang Bo,Wang Li* and Lou Nanquan
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(VUV+UV)-REMPI Detection of the Methyl Radical Product in a Crossed-beam Scattering Experiment
  Teh Waileong,Shiu Weicheng,Zhou Jingang and Liu Kopin
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RRKM Calculations on the Reaction Channels of N(4S)+CH2X(X=F,Cl)
  Li Jiang,Zhou Xiaoguo,Pei Linsen,Chen Congxiang,Yu Shuqin* and Ma Xingxiao
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A New Hydroformylation Catalyst Comprising High Dispersed Metal Particles and Water-soluble Ligands: TPPTS-Rh/SiO2
  Zhu Hejun,Ding Yunjie*,Yan Li,Xiong Jianmin,Yin Hongmei,Lü Yuan and Lin Liwu
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Ultraviolet Photodissociation Dynamics of 1-Propanol and 2-Propanol by High-n Rydberg-Atom Time-of-flight(HRTOF) Technique
  Zhou Weidong and Zhang Jingsong*
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Influence of Dissipation On the Stimulated Raman Adiabatic Passage
  Mo Yan,Xu Ruixue* and Yan Yijing
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