Volume 14,Issue 5,2001 Table of Contents

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Transient Characteristics of the Yield Surface of Electrorheological Clutch
  Peng Jie,Zhu Keqin and Xi Baoshu
  Abstract(1118)  View PDF(1315)   [HTML]
The Size Related Control Parameter of Compound Ni/Fe Nanometer Particles and Magnetic Analysis
  Hu Lin,Zhang Chaoping and Gou Hua
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Study on the Rheology Character of Magnetorheological Fluid
  Zhang Ping,Liu Qi and Huang Yuanlong
  Abstract(984)  View PDF(1465)   [HTML]
Research on the Response of ER Fluids Sheared between Two Parallel Plates
  Tian Yu,Meng Yonggang and Wen Shizhu
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Control Theory and Parameter Optimization of Electrorheological Technology
  Wei Kexiang,Zhu Shisha and Wang Qixing
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Optical Study of Interactions of Glass Beads ER Particles
  Dong Xiang,Chen Zheyi,Zhang Lifei,Xu Jun,Jiang Yonggang and Zhou Luwei
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Preparation of Micron Polymer-Fe Capsulized Composites by Mechanic Milling and MR Effect of Concentrated Suspensions
  Jiang Wanquanab,Zhu Chunlingb,Chen Zuyaoab and Zhang Peiqiangc
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Application of Magnetorheological Fluid Damper in Rotor Vibration Control
  Wang Jianxiao and Meng Guang
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A High Performance ERF with Coke-like Particles from FCC Decant Oil
  Dong Peng,Wang Chunhui and Zhao Suoqi
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Synthesis and Properties of Magnetorheological Fluids
  Zhang Ping,Liu Qi,Wang Dongya and Huang Yuanlong
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Simulation of the Structure and the Dynamics of the Particles of MR Fluids in Rotating Magnetic Fields
  Fang Sheng and Zhang Peiqiang
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New Approaches for Preparation of β-CDP-PAN and its Characterization
  Gao Ziweiab,Si Gangb and Zhao Xiaopenga
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Solid Structure of ER Containing Suspensions of Two Different Dielectric Constants
  Lian Dongxia,Guo Zhirong,Ni Yong,Shi Bing and Wu Feng
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The Steady Shearing Flow Analysis of Polyaniline Type Electrorheological Fluids
  Su Kai,Zhang Huizhen,Li Xiucuo and Zhang Liucheng
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Analysis and Testing of Automotive MR Fluid Shock Absorber Based on Poiseuille Flow Mode
  Liao Changrong,Yu Miao,Li Lixin,Yang Jianchun,Chen Weimin and Huang Shanglian
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The Disturbance in the Far-end Flow Induced by Magnetorheological Fluid Effect
  Zhou Gangyi and Zhang Peiqiang
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The Research on the Principles of Component of Magnetorheological Fluid Selecting and Its Mechanism
  Guan Xinchun,Ou Jinping and Li Jinhai
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The Preparation of Light Magnetic Materials and it's Application on Magnetorheological Fluids
  Wu min,Zhang Qiuyu,Luo Zhengpin,Xie Gang and Zhang Junpin
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The Optical Characteristics Method of Sedimentation Stability for Dense Magnetic Particles Suspensions
  Jiang Wanquana,Zhu Chunlinga,Zhu Yuruia,,Chen Zuyaoa and Zhang Peiqingb
  Abstract(1350)  View PDF(1586)   [HTML]
Research on Control Method for MR Damper
  Yu Miao,Liao Changrong,Li Lixin,Chen Weimin and Huang Shanglian
  Abstract(1538)  View PDF(2336)   [HTML]
Electrorheological Moment Amplifier
  Huang Yijian,Wang Haibo,Yang Jinmin and Huang Haocai
  Abstract(1204)  View PDF(1259)   [HTML]
Behavior of High Shock Resistance of ER Damper
  Jin Zhengtuan,Gao Yuefe,Ren Jianting and Jiang Jiesheng
  Abstract(1115)  View PDF(1602)   [HTML]
A Parameter Identifying Method for Magnetorheological (MR) Fluids Dampers
  Yu Xinhong and Mao Weizeng
  Abstract(1059)  View PDF(1033)   [HTML]
The Enhanced MR Effect of Dense Magnetic Particles Suspensions Consisting of Superfine α-Fe Particles
  Jiang Wanquana,Zhu Chunlinga,Chen Zuyaoa,Zhou Gangyib and Zhang Peiqiangb
  Abstract(971)  View PDF(1372)   [HTML]
Study on the Shock Absorber Using Multielectrode Electro-Rheological Valve
  Cheng Y.N,Wu T.N,Kuo C.W,Kuo W.H.,Huang T.C,Tseng T.Y,Chung Y.C and Liu S.Y
  Abstract(1370)  View PDF(1335)   [HTML]
The Transmission Character of BaTiO3 ER Fluids under the Electric Field and Microwave
  Fan Jijun,Guan Litao and Zhao Xiaopeng
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