How to Submit

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Authors could login our system to upload their newest manuscripts or check the reviewing/production process.

1. Please check the "Instructions" on our website, make sure your manuscript meet our standards for publication.Here are the basic and simplified requirments for submissions:

More than 3500 words and 25 references for normal article(s), less than 8000 words for long article(s). As to Letter(s),it should not exceed 2000 words and 15 references.

Styles of major types of references should be as follows.

Periodical or journal: [1]?Y. L. Yeh, C. Zhang, H. B. Held, A. M. Mebel, X. Wei, S. H. Lin and Y. R. Shen, J. Chem. Phys. 114, 1837 (2001).

Book: [2] R. E. Hummel Electronic Properties of Materials, 3rd edn., New York: Springer-Verlag,?32, (2000).

Dissertation: [3] S. Zhang Ph.D. Dissertation. Hefei: University of Science and Technology of China, No. XXXXXXX,?2006).

2. Authors may download the templates to prepare their manuscripts.

3. There are 4 steps to finish the sumitting:

Step 1: Manucript informations

On this page, you can fill manuscript information to several blanks such as :

■  Title

■  Keywords

■  Abstract

■  Type of the manuscript:

There will be a pull-down menu to be clicked on to choose the type of the manuscript.

■  Funding Projects

You can enter the name of project by typing. There is also a pull-down menu for quick entering. By click on it, the one project fund you choose will fill the blank instantly.

If you are domestic Author, Chinese Title, Keywords and Abstract are also required.

Step 2: Fill Authors Informations

The submmitting author should fill all the Authors’ Information on this page. Click “More Authors” botton to add author(s) if there are more than one author. 

If you are not the corresponding author, please note the right corresponding author which usually should be student’s advisor or research leader of the group.

Tip: The information of submmitting author will automatically fill the blanks of First author. Register the account as the first author will make the submitting process easier.

Step 3: Reviewers List

Usually the associate Editors may be not so familiar with your detailed research area, providing several porential reciewers will be helpful. Prepare at least three experts in your field as possible reviewers. Do not gave us someone have any conflict of interest or the well-knowns on your field please. 

The information of reviewers should at least contain Full name , affiliation and the email address. Please fill the blanks as full as possible. Click on “More Reviewers” to add another reviewer to the list. 

The editor will try to use at least one reviewer of on your reviewer list. However, this can not be ensured.

You can also provide us reviewers to be exclude who may have conflict of interest while making comments to your manuscript.

Step 4: Upload documents

On this page, you can upload the documents necessary for the submitting and reviewing. The main manuscript file can be uploaded at the top, any additional files (Cover  Letter, Supporting Information, Review-Only Materials etc.) can be uploaded at the attachment slots listed below. 

Click the "Browse..." button to open a Windows dialog box and find the document on your computer. Select the document’s file name and click "OK" within the dialog box. The dialog box will close. 

The attachments can be upload by same means. There is only two slot for the attachments on the origin page, you can click the “More Attachment” botton to add the slots. 

5. Once the decision is made by Editor or manuscript is published, author(s) will be notified via E-mail, so keep available through E-mail Please.

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