How to Revise

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Authors could login our online system to upload the revised manuscripts for the next procedure.

1. If the manuscript submitted by author earlier needs revisions, an E-mail will be sent to inform the author.

2. Check on the reviews' and section editor's comments, give reasonable reply to each comment.

3. Upload the revised version after the revision, and fill the text board at the bottom of page with replies.

◆  Revising Type

There are three situation in which the manuscript need to be revised,

1. Revise after initial evaluation

Initial evaluation is an essential procedure to make sure your manuscritpt fits our scope and standard. Editors would request revisions before the manuscript is sent to the referees if it is necessary.

2. Revise after peer review

This type of revision should be done based on the reviewers’ comments and the editor’s colligated opinion. A responding letter should also be prepared to answer each comments from the reviewers and the editor..

3. Revise during the editing.

Editing is an important procedure to make your manuscript into product, into publishable pages. In this session, the layout editor may contact with the author directly to deal with the detailed issues(Such as English editing, Graphic editing, Proofing etc.) via email.

◆  Recieving the Email

The revision request is usually sent by email. In this email, the follow information will be included: Editor and reviewer comments for detialed revision, Due Date that the revised version should be returned, Author’s  username, password and login URL,simplified instructions.

Usually this email contains enough information for the author(s) to finish the revision, but in some occasions reviewers may submit documents to elucidate their comments or support their opinions. This will requires author to login our online system to download these files.

◆  Reviewers’ Comments and Relevant Documents

When the comments from reviewer included in the Email indicate that the reviewer had uploaded file(s) to support his/her comments, author(s) need to login our online system to download it(them).

Click on the URL in email, type in the username and password to login the online system. After login, click “Revise Manuscript” in the left menu, the manuscripts need to be revised will be listed on the right side of the page.

 Click on the “view” under the “comments” slot, you can see the comments from all the reviewers, and download the marked version of your manuscript and some other relevant documents.

◆  Upload Revised Version

There will be “upload revision” botton at the right end of each article. By clicking on it, a new webpage for revise will appear.

On this page, There a blank to fill in the responding letter and some slot to upload the revised version and relevant documents. Several manuscript information such as Title, Abstrcat, Keywords, could be verified on this page too.

Tip: If there is any special symbol or equation in the responding letter, Please submit the responding letter by the means of uploading attachment below, because some symbols and equations won’t be shown correctely in the webpage.

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