Third-Order Nonlinear Optical Responses of Bis(15-crown-5)-stilbenes Binding to One- or Two-Alkali Metal Cation (Li+, Na+and K+)

Hai-Ling Yu Tong Zhang Tian-Liang Ma Bo Hong Zhi-Qiang Cheng

Hai-Ling Yu, Tong Zhang, Tian-Liang Ma, Bo Hong, Zhi-Qiang Cheng. Third-Order Nonlinear Optical Responses of Bis(15-crown-5)-stilbenes Binding to One- or Two-Alkali Metal Cation (Li+, Na+and K+)[J]. Chinese Journal of Chemical Physics . doi: 10.1063/1674-0068/cjcp2206103
Citation: Hai-Ling Yu, Tong Zhang, Tian-Liang Ma, Bo Hong, Zhi-Qiang Cheng. Third-Order Nonlinear Optical Responses of Bis(15-crown-5)-stilbenes Binding to One- or Two-Alkali Metal Cation (Li+, Na+and K+)[J]. Chinese Journal of Chemical Physics . doi: 10.1063/1674-0068/cjcp2206103

doi: 10.1063/1674-0068/cjcp2206103

Third-Order Nonlinear Optical Responses of Bis(15-crown-5)-stilbenes Binding to One- or Two-Alkali Metal Cation (Li+, Na+and K+)

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  • 1.  Conformers of bis(15-crown-5)-stilbenes.

    2.  Structures of the metal cation derivatives of bis(15-crown-5)-stilbenes.

    Figure  1.  The structures of the compounds with 1 as the parent and their localized orbital locator (LOL) maps obtained by B3LYP/6-31G(d,p) level.

    Figure  2.  The fragments (F1 to F5, left panel) of the compounds and their NPA charges (right panel) obtained at the B3LYP/6-31G(d,p) level, $\Delta q= $$ q({\rm {L}}\cdot{({{\rm{M}}^{+/2+}})_2}) - q({f\rm{L}})$(L was the ligand).

    Figure  3.  The frontier molecular orbital energy levels of 1 and compounds with 1 as their parent.

    Figure  4.  The absorption spectra and electron density difference diagram of the studied compunds obtained at TD-CAM-B3LYP/6-311+G(d,p) (purple and blue indicate electron density accumulation and depletion, respectively).

    Figure  5.  Static mean second hyperpolarizabilities ($ \bar \gamma $) of compounds with (a) 1, (b) 2 and (c) 3 as the parent computed by the CAM-B3LYP and BHandHLYP functionals.

    Figure  6.  Schematic diagram of the $ - x \times \rho _{xxxx}^{(3)} $ for the compounds computed at the CAM-B3LYP/6-311G(d,p) level. Blue and purple colors indicate the positive contribution, while yellow and orange colors indicate the negative contribution.

    Figure  7.  The frequency-dependent second hyperpolarizabilities associated with the photoelectric Kerr effect ($\gamma {\rm{EOKE}}(−{\omega};{\omega},0,0)$, left panel ) and frequency-dependent second hyperpolarizabilities associated with the second harmonic generation $\gamma^{{\rm{SHG}}}(-2{\omega};{\omega},{\omega},0)$ right panel.

    Table  I.   The selected geometrical parameters and interaction energies Eint calculated at the B3LYP/6-31G(d,p) level.

    CompoundBond length/ÅDihedral/(°)Eint/(kcal/mol)
    M+–OO···OaO···O bC2−C3C3−C4C4−C5C1−C2−C5−C6
    a The average O···O bond length of O1···O2, O2···O3, O3···O4, O4···O5 and O5···O1 bonds.
    b The average O···O bond length of O6···O7, O7···O8, O8···O9, O9···O10 and O10···O11 bonds.
    c The values determined by X-ray analysis in Ref.[21].
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    Table  II.   The enthalpy and Gibbs free enthalpy (kcal·mol-1·K-1) and entropy (in kcal /mol of the complexation reaction calculated on B3LYP/ 6-31G(d,p) at 298.15 K and 1 atm.

    Compound$\Delta {H }$$\Delta {G }$$\Delta S$
    1·Li+ −120.8 −114.4 21.3
    1·Na+ −95.2 −87.1 27.1
    1·K+ −65.8 −57.9 26.7
    1·(Li+)2 −235.0 −221.6 44.9
    1·(Na+)2 −182.7 −168.1 49.0
    1·(K+)2 −122.0 −107.2 49.5
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    Table  III.   The wavelength of the main absorption peak (λ, nm), the transition energies from S0 to S1 state (∆E, eV) and the corresponding oscillator strengths (fos) , as well as the major contributions obtained at the CAM-B3LYP/6−311 + G(d,p) level.

    Compd.λEfosMO transition
    1 325.2 3.82 1.2904 HOMO→LUMO (94%)
    1·Li+ 343.3 3.61 1.1831 HOMO→LUMO (91%)
    1·Na+ 343.3 3.61 1.1794 HOMO→LUMO (90%)
    1·K+ 345.4 3.60 1.175 HOMO→LUMO+1 (80%)
    1·(Li+)2 316.7 3.92 1.2762 HOMO→LUMO (95%)
    1·(Na+)2 316.7 3.92 1.2706 HOMO→LUMO (95%)
    1·(K+)2 316.7 3.93 1.2547 HOMO→LUMO (95%)
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